4 services for (Google) platform disappear in 2020?

4개월 전


Technology evolves in a jiffy, the new appears and thus the old disappears with him, and this is why with the beginning of the year 2020, many new technologies appear around the world, but many others disappear, especially the technologies of the global technology monster «Google».

We monitor for you the most prominent Google services that will disappear during the new year:


Hang out:
The famous messaging and calling application for the Google platform will not be available in the new year as users have entrusted it, according to Forbes, the application will likely be closed by June 2020, in order to transfer users to a new application, and the source cited That the new Google application will bear the name (Hang Out Chat & Meet) in next June, after the launch was delayed for a long time.


Google Cloud Print:

Google confirmed that its Google Cloud Print service that allows remote printing will not continue after December 31, 2020, which was launched by the platform in 2010 to allow users to print documents stored in a cloud, but Google noticed that the service did not work on As it was hoped, hence, users had to find alternatives for themselves before this date, such as the use of Chrome OS or the use of some applications specialized in printing.
Google will also shut down the smart application development platform, "Fabric", in March "2020", a suspension that was expected in the year nearing its end.


(Google Haier):

But in September 2020, the global company will stop the service (Google Haier) that was helping small and medium-sized companies in the matter of employment, but the technology platform did not reveal the reason that made this


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