A new threat to Internet security?

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Recent research at Scunthorpe University in the United Kingdom has identified an issue that could pose a new threat to the internet security that we depend on for our shopping and banking services.
The Computer Research Department and the protocols have proven the identity of the technical information.
This method would analyze your private activity rather than data packages to reveal passwords, websites you visited and other sensitive personal information.
Project leader Professor Jobe explained this risk
Modern devices have a continuous internet connection. Even if you do not use the device constantly
Fetching messages, checking for software updates or dealing with other processes
It leads to a continuous flow of data transmission where the binary is converted into signals
Electronic flowing through the internet.
Binary data is usually represented as voltage ripples and, in fact, the signal is affected by interference
The electromagnetic that gradually causes small fluctuations is called microbols.
While it is rarely sufficient to cause data loss, microbases pass through
Even the telecommunications layers it can cause delays
Simple, bursts when translated through an optical fiber bridge.
The largest reason for the emergence of the largest cause of microbiotics is the user, and is considered the human body
Acts as the sender when using an input device such as a keyboard, and the connected data flows


For microbools information that can be analyzed. It does not matter whether you are connected to
HTTP or HTTPS - the actual data can be ignored but your activities are revealed.
The technology is being refined and the rate of successful microbial analysis is increasing exponentially
Every year. This technique works best if you are already close to the target - though
You are on the same Wi-Fi connection. However, the research team had succeeded in the analysis
Across hundreds of miles, while the detection of microbes is evolving, geographical location remains a limiting factor.
Microbiological protection
Microbools analysis technology is experimental, but the threat is real. Fortunately, there are a number of low-tech solutions that greatly reduce the risk of identity abuse.
Using the on-screen keyboard by touch is not completely safe, but analyzing the microbules has become much more difficult. Professor Juppe suggests switching between on-screen keyboards and regular keyboards when entering sensitive information such as passwords.


Fort input devices and wrap aluminum foil around devices such as keyboards - the glossy side must be facing inward to reflect the pulses. If you use a laptop computer, use a small piece of foil around an Internet cable, or over Wi-Fi, and move the device regularly to adjust the pulses and make analyzing them more difficult.
Reducing electromagnetic interference in the immunization of the device may not be sufficient while your body conducts information with impulses that can reduce its impact by wearing gloves and rubber shoes while working.
But have any of your accounts ever been compromised even if you are careful in protecting your passwords?
Have you been contacted by someone who knows the details of your activities and services on the Internet?
Conclusion: Can We Then Blame the Microbules?

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