A new way to save your phone if it falls in the water?

5개월 전

A new way to save your phone if it falls in the water:


What do you do if your mobile phone fell from you in the water? Especially while you are doing household chores, or that your child threw it in a cup of water or any other reason, many phones are damaged due to their falling into the water and subject to moisture. Moisture can cause the mobile phone to be damaged immediately or cause long-term damage through the rust caused by it. Today I offer you innovative ways to get rid of moisture in a mobile phone if it falls into the water.

Step 1: Quickly retrieve the phone from water.

The second step: shake the mobile phone to get out the hidden water.


Step Three: Dismantle and dry the phone as much as possible, while exposed to a low temperature heating source so that the device is not affected by the high temperature.

The fourth and new step: is to place the mobile phone in a bowl with dry rice and cover it for several hours because the rice absorbs the wetness and moisture from the device, especially hidden and difficult to access.


  • The fifth and final step: After removing the phone from the rice, the vacuum cleaner is used to extract the remaining moisture in the phone after drying it and putting it in the rice. If the moisture is not completely eliminated, we put the device in the sun for a period or present it to a maintenance specialist quickly. Finally, our Lord protects our phones from the evil of falling into the water.
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