Bitcoin may flourish despite Corona virus?



Amber, CEO and co-founder of the BTC investment application, Alex Svetsky, has said that he believes the Covid-19 pandemic has raised awareness of Bitcoin.

"The Covid pandemic was one of the best marketing campaigns for Bitcoin in history," Svetsky told co-founder "Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompliano" in a podcast episode on May 13.

Corona virus causes global uncertainty?
Since it officially took the lead in the pandemic in 2020, government measures to prevent the Kwona virus have caused business slowdowns, high unemployment and lower markets. The US government has taken several measures to correct the flooded economy, including various financing tactics.

Svetsky once again mentioned the invasion of smartphones, saying that he does not remember the transition period between mobile phones and the overall adoption of smartphones. Likewise, over the next ten years, the public's view will change from hesitation to trust in Bitcoin, he explained.


  • Government tactics have created the illusion
  • The chief executive said that the government's economic budget tactics, such as cash printing and bailouts, are not good. "We are actually tearing apart society," said Svetsky.

While the major markets rebounded from their lowest levels, the numbers are still showing increasing unemployment numbers, which indicates a false sense of security compared to reality. Svetsky also assumed that "the mainstream and Wall Street are completely different." Perhaps this is what drives people to say - "We are satisfied."

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