Brazilian Neymar da Silva enters the world of acting?

4개월 전


After the struggle between Barcelona and Real Madrid intensified over the inclusion of the Brazilian Neymar da Silva from Paris Saint-Germain, the star surprised everyone with a tweet accompanied by a video on Twitter announcing his participation in a Spanish series.
Neymar appeared in the red dress and mask of the surreal Spanish artist, Salvador Dali, for the Spanish series "La Casa del Papel, which in Arabic means Paper House".

"I managed to fulfill my dream of being part of my favorite series and now I can share that with you," the 27-year-old wrote in a tweet.

Neymar participated in the series, which is produced by the American company "Netflix bearing the name Joao" in the sixth and eighth episodes of the last part, which was published in July, and the episodes in which he participated because of his involvement in the rape case were not shown, according to the newspaper "AS Spanish".

Once the Brazilian judiciary announced that the case would be filed due to insufficient evidence, Netflix reloaded the episodes in which the Brazilian Neymar was involved.

And enjoy the Spanish series "La Casa del Babylon, record records in viewing, as its audience exceeded 34 million viewers around the world in the seven days, which followed the premiere of the third part."


The series, starring Orcella Corpero, Alvaro Morte and Itzier Itunio, revolves around a mysterious man nicknamed "The Professor" who is preparing for the largest ever robbery by recruiting 8 people claiming the kinematic names of world cities, with criminal precedents.
The idea is to break into the Spanish minting house and print 2.4 billion euros, stay there for 11 days and deal with 67 hostages and elite Spanish police forces.

It is reported that Neymar has missed the three matches, which his team played Paris Saint-Germain in the French league, in light of his contract to resolve to leave the French club this summer.

According to Spanish and Italian press reports, the struggle between Real Madrid and Barcelona over the inclusion of the Brazilian star is fierce, and signs of a settlement for the deal are looming on the horizon.

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