Butcher’s broom and its benefits for blood circulation

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What is the prickly wild exponent:

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Called "Butcher's broom" or "Ruscus aculeatus", it is an evergreen shrub with a long history of use in Europe to boost the health of the circulatory system. Among other advantages, this plant helps in tightening and tightening blood vessels and capillaries, and is used in the treatment of varicose veins, as it prevents the expansion of veins, as well as it reduces fluid retention and other symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency
How does prickly acanthus work?
The wild exponent activates receptors that stimulate the release of noradrenaline to increase tinnitus vessels and vasoconstriction. This constriction helps to transfer blood and reduce its collection. The wild exponent contains flavonoids, which also support normal blood circulation and strengthen blood vessels
Does wild expanse support blood circulation?


Research indicates that plant extracts such as wild exponent support the functions of the circulatory system and help improve symptoms of chronic venous deficiency, swelling of the legs and vessels. The researchers concluded that this plant contains solutions to the circulatory problems that many people suffer from.
In 2007, researchers in Mexico conducted an 8-week study of some patients, among whom were 124 patients complaining of discomfort, leg weight, and pain associated with chronic venous insufficiency and were given two capsules of the wild exponent plant per day. Within two weeks, a significant decrease in patients' complaints was observed. At the end of the study, no complaints remained


Wild exponent as a dietary supplement:
Although wild exponent is largely safe and cheap, there are two caveats to mention before adding it to your feeding program.
First, problems like chronic venous insufficiency usually have underlying causes such as obesity or a previous history of blood clots, and in such cases it is wise to consult with your trusted doctor, rather than self-diagnosing or using an internet doctor.
Secondly, in addition to this, chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins can sometimes be caused by pregnancy so pregnant women should consult a doctor before taking a wild exponent as a nutritional supplement, or before any other herbal remedy

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