Converting 94504 Bitcoin into an unknown wallet to become the richest personal wallet ever?



One of the Bitcoin whales has massively transferred (94,504 Bitcoins), worth over a billion dollars, to an unknown portfolio. This is over 0.5 percent of all the currencies traded, making the recipient the richest bitcoin wallet in existence.

Bitcoin coins were sent to one wallet at 3 am UTC this morning from 15 addresses. More than half of the bitcoins, 53,000 of them, came from one address.

The deal saw the price of bitcoin rise from ($ 10,569 to $ 7,790) within hours.
No one has claimed ownership of the portfolio, and speculation differs.

But we don't have much information, regardless of the fact that the transaction fee was high - about ($ 700) - indicating that they wanted to confirm the transaction quickly, perhaps for security reasons. Or, the transaction contains many entries that each have a minimal fee; this is where multiple parts of Bitcoin are bundled together in one transaction.
This and one theory suggested that the money may be linked to the "Bakkt" trading platform that begins to accept customer deposits today.

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