Fishermen return a $ 3 million tuna fish to water?

5개월 전


Amateur fishermen decided to return a huge tuna fish to the ocean, after catching it, despite the fact that its value amounted to more than "$ 3 million."
Fishermen succeeded in catching bluefin tuna, weighing 270 kg, and length of 2.6 meters, off the coast of the Republic of Ireland, according to the newspaper "The Independent".

The newspaper said that the fish is the largest that were caught in this region this year, and would have been worth $ 3.3 million, if sold.

The crew of sailors was not in the water for the purpose of commercial fishing for tuna, but they, like many boats on the coast of Ireland, were participating in a "fishing and launching" program, to help preserve the diminishing numbers of bluefin tuna.


One of the fishermen, David Edwards, discovered the fish 5 km from his boat in southern Ireland, tagged the fish, and then returned it to the water, Sky News reported.

Edwards posted photos of the huge fish on his Facebook page, and thanked his crew, including Darren O'Sullivan from the Irish city of Cork, and Dutch fisherman Henk Feldman.

Bluefin tuna is one of the most popular delicacies in Japan, where one 278 kg fish was sold, a similar size as Edwards launched, compared to 333.6 million yen ($ 3.3 million) in January of this year.

This fish has become increasingly rare due to overfishing and is on the IUCN list.

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