Headphones reading ideas?



Finding the right song that suits your moods can be very frustrating, but thanks to the headphones reading ideas that have been put on the market and called Miku to read ideas from the Japanese company, Newware, then you will not have to search between the list of your songs playback anymore. Miku works by scanning the brain and playing the song that suits him.
The Mikko Idea Reader System consists of two parts: a pair of bulky headphones and an iPhone app.

The headphones come with a forehead sensor which analyzes the brain waves of the user to reveal his mood, then the headphone data base is connected and linked via an iPhone application and the song that suits his mood is chosen, from a number of drawn neural rhythms.


And if your mood changes and you feel that the song is not suitable for your mood, all you have to do is shake the phone to erase the collected data and the sensor will scan another brain to know your current mood.
Revolutionary Neurower headphones also come with built-in LED indicators that display your mood
Through symbols seen by all around you. True, they can see an exclamation mark if you are surprised
Or a situation and they can see a sign (Zzzz) if you feel sleepy and a symbol of the cross if you feel anxiety or fear.
Mikko Idea Reading System is still in the first prototype stage, but a Newware company orders development
The product is ready in the market for the near future and they currently have (100) songs in the database
Registered with them, but according to Technology Without Borders, it seeks to have an unlimited number of different melodies
And also improving the design so that it is more elegant because the shape of the headphones looks very huge....

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