The most delicious recipe for making meat shawarma and marinating it



Meat shawarma is one of the famous fast dishes that are served in many fast food restaurants if not all of them, and the origins of this description are due to Syrian cooking and are characterized by its unique taste that made many people adore it and accept it, and now let's get to know the way of meat shawarma in The house is like restaurants.

Meat shawarma seasoning
Required ingredients and ingredients
Half a kilo of beef
A quarter cup of vinegar
quarter cup of lemon juice
Half a spoon of black pepper
Half a spoon of garlic powder
Half a spoon of onion powder
Half a spoonful of spices
Half a spoon of paprika
Half a spoon of dried coriander
A quarter cup of olive oil
Half a cup of sliced ​​tomatoes
Half a cup of sliced ​​green pepper
A small tomato, cut into thin wings
How to prepare meat shawarma seasoning


We put the previous ingredients such as onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, dry coriander, black pepper and spices, along with vinegar and lemon in a large bowl.
Cut the meat into thin shawarma slices, then put it in the marinade for an entire night or for at least 5 hours.
Cover the marinade well, then put it in the fridge until the next day.
The next day we put a frying pan on the fire with oil and leave it for a while until it warms up, then remove the steaks from the marinade and put it in the pan.
Stir the slices of meat inside the pan until the color begins to change, then cover the bowl and leave it on low heat until the meat is tender.
Add slices of pepper and onion to the meat, cover the bowl and leave it until these ingredients wither, then add the tomato slices to it.
Turn the ingredients over the heat until they are done, then remove the bowl from the heat

and put it in the serving dishes.

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