Kissing the Sky "Mag Asawang Bato" (Couple Rock) - Beautiful Sunday

3년 전

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108

Last time we left off we were about to reach to top of the mountain. It was a very long and tiring hike to Mag Asawang Bato located in Marikaban island, Philippines. Everyone was very exhausted but complete the trek we would need to reach the very top of the rock. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to continue to witness the enchanting view from up there. Join me again today as I take you to the highest point of the island.


Kissing the Sky "Mag Asawang Bato"



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Only three of us were left in completing this challenging trail. It was a very fulfilling sight being this close to this rock which is very visible from down below. It is mind -boggling how this rock formed on top of the mountain.

The colossal rock seems to stand guard of the whole island. According to our guide, the rock formed as water gushed out from the mountain. As the water sprouted the rocks hardened throughout the years. I am not a geologist and could not confirm if that is physically possible but it is the story that has been passed out throughout the years.

As I came closer to the rock I placed my hand on it as I wanted to feel this achievement. We have been through a lot in this trek and it is a mystery why people have the urge to climb just to see a big chunk of rock.

We followed a trail that goes around the rock and what I saw next completely took my breath away.

Seeing this magnificent view of the ocean took away all my exhaustion from the climb. It has somehow has recharged my body and I found this view very rewarding.

Mag Asawang Bato or Couple Rock as they call it is a marriage that will remain forever. Together standing side by side from sickness or in health, till death do us part.

I noticed some holes on the rock that made me wonder, "Were they truly formed from water from the mountain?" Could water have gushed out and created Couple Rock?

I peeked thru the gap between the two rocks and saw that trees are slowly taking control of the area.

Some of the trees even found a way to grow on the rock itself. It is a wonder how the roots get nourishment. Could there still be some water inside these rocks?

Now it is time to complete this quest and conquer the rock. On the right side, there is a small crevice where you could climb.

They have made a makeshift ladder from wood and bamboo poles.

Climbing it is a bit challenging as you needed to grab on rocks on the side as you ascend. The bamboo ladder feels unsafe but is quite sturdy enough to handle your weight.

Finally, the three of us were up on the first level of the rock. Bamboo poles are placed around the area as a safety precaution. Roots from the trees can also be seen all over the place and is very useful to grab hold on to.

Without the bamboo poles, it would be quite frightening as it is a long drop from here.

This is the rock that we needed to climb and to be frank I felt a little bit frightened climbing it. The wind up here was very strong and was howling like crazy. I'll be uploading the video very soon and you would hear and almost feel the strong winds blowing on us.

We were guided in every step of the climb. We were told which branch or rock to hold on to, where to put our foot. Our guide is a pro as you could see how he calmly just stands on the edge of the rock. Behind him is a very long drop with nothing to catch him.

As the three of us got on top we were told to just lean back on the rock and just relax. Up here I felt that we could almost kiss the sky and just embrace this glorious achievement.

The trees growing here are very strong, feels very solid and looks like it would not break easily. Grabbing hold on the branches is like holding on to a metal pole, the branches doesn't even move.

Here is a photo of yours truly in action taken by my brother in law. Camera on neck, one hand hugging a branch and the other hand on a bamboo pole. My feet just floating over finding a foothold.

That was a bit intense for me and reminded me that I need to get back in shape and lose those extra pounds. It is hard to maneuver when doing climbs like these.

Up on the second rock, I felt safer as we didn't need to lean back to enjoy the view.

As we climbed the second rock I was stunned with the view that came before us. It was truly magnificent in every way and all the thoughts of worries in life simply just melted away even for just a few minutes.

The white sand of the island surrounded by turquoise-colored water is best viewed from up here. Here you could see how truly beautiful our world is. The rice fields that we passed thru is very visible and it looks so far. Right now I do not what to think about our trek back down but instead, I will make the most of the time I have here.

My passion for photography deepens as I see more of our world from different angles. It is like a drug that takes over once I start hearing the click of the shutter. On top of the highest point, camera on hand, mountains, and ocean around me. I can say that I have everything I need right now.

We always want to stay a little bit longer but everything comes to an end. Our guide was telling us that we needed to go back now as it would be dark soon and we wouldn't want to get caught in darkness as we descend.

I took a long hard look at that majestic sunset and blew a kiss to the sky. Thankful that we were able to complete this difficult quest and rewarded with an unforgettable experience.

As we went back down, we regrouped with the rest of the family. Hoping that one day we could go back and conquer it again together.

When we got back down to the rice fields it was already dark. We were tired and hungry but for sure we would all have a good night sleep.

Thanks for joining me in completing this trek. I hope you enjoyed the experience that I shared with you today. I will be uploading the edited video version of this climb very soon and I hope you have a look. On the video, you would be hearing a lot of heavy breathing just for a heads up.

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Hope to see you again soon and keep on dreaming!





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Great post. I love hiking. It's been a while. Climbing and seeing a beautiful scenery from top of a mountain or hill is priceless


It has also been a while since our last climb. Should be staying in shape for an easier climb. It was so hard for us this time around but you are correct. The reward is priceless.

The pictures are amazing. It's probably tiring to the top, but I believe it's worth seeing that beautiful view :D


Hey thanks a lot. You couldn't imagine how exhausted I was hahha. But yes you are correct the view was worth all the sweat and pain in climbing the mountain.

Man U will have been proud of you


It was so hard but it is something I am truly proud of and not giving up. Thanks @ace108


you're welcome

Really enjoyed you taking me along on this hike @watersnake101. I noticed you captured that photo of Couple Rock, the one looking up, with perfect timing as to catch a large insect flying between them! So cool! Beautiful photography.. would love to visit this area, most definitely :-)


Hey @bdmillergallery I thought no one would notice that insect. It flew over just in time and if I had a fast and sharper lens that tiny insect would have shown clearer on the photo. Thank you very much and I hope you could experience the climb too. One of the hardest I have climbed so far. You could have a look at the video just to show you what I mean if you have time.


I may have missed the video.. I will go back and look for the link! thank you!!!

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It’s great to read the rest of your journey, @watersnake101. What a glorious moment it must have been to reach the top and see the beautiful views! What a wonderful achievement!


@jayna It was an achievement. I am glad I didn't give up. What if we turned back around? A lesson learned no matter how hard to journey is, just keep on going to reach your goal. In this case literally lol. Cheers. I have the video up if you want to hear my struggle hahahha.

The views from the top are magnificent. That wasn't a easy climb at all!


Oh I was breathing heavily all throughout the climb but was definitely worth it.


I was surprised to see you did not use a harness for some parts of the climb. Good thing no one was hurt.


Our guide was pretty good as he guided us all throughout the way. Going up there alone would be really dangerous.

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it's very tiring in climbing the mountain but when you'll arrive at the peak and can see the great beautiful view of the sea. It's done, it's refreshing..


It was like being recharged once you see the view from the top.

Ah, so this is what we see once you've gotten to the peak. Man, that is one tough climb! I could not do that simply because of the height factor, let alone the the sheer difficulty encountered along the way as some of the photos show.

But there's the guide, cool as a cucumber, probably not even tired! I'll tell you, getting up there for the view is certainly worth the the effort of making the climb! Great photos!


Thank you very much and yes the guide looks like he didn't ever break a sweat hahah. Climbing that mountain everyday taking tourists must have increased his endurance definitely. It was pretty scary up there specially up the rock as one wrong step would lead to disaster.

it looks beautiful there, tell your brother-in-law not to do that thing that could hurt. congratulationes


I was also surprised when he sat on the ledge, pretty frightening. After taking the photo he said it was my turn but I said Nooooo...... I'm good.

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What a magnificent view! I'm super impressed that you were able to make that climb with the camera hanging around your neck. I personally would have left it behind and just used my phone.

It's amazing where trees and other fauna can grow, isn't it? Sidewalks, driveways, rocks... yet for some reason I cannot get grass to grow in my back yard!


Oh I could not bear to leave my camera behind, seems it has already been a part of me and consider it as my baby lol. That is why I chose a mirrorless camera instead of a big DSLR camera. Mirrorless cameras are much lighter to carry around but what added the weight was the bag with all the gear in it. Imagine those trees growing on the top of the rock I was amazed. About growing plants you are not alone my friend, everything I try to grow dies out on me lol.

A wonderful trek up into the mountain with stunning views to reward you for your efforts. Thanks for sharing this epic journey!



You are very welcome. Glad that the difficult trail was very rewarding. Thanks for the tip!


Going up is sometimes easier than coming back down, have a lovely day.

  ·  3년 전

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Hi. Beautiful picures of your hike. Navigating through the rocks look a bit dangerous. I'd never be able to handle that. But the scenery on the other wise look amazing.

I see you're wearing an AIG t-shirt. Do you work for them? Only reason I ask is that I was employed with them many years ago for a while. Well, it was a subsidiary before AIG bought them out.

Thanks for sharing your adventure. Take care.


Oh you could handle more than you realize but it is important to always have a guide. I almost gave up here but I am glad I didn't. The shirt is actually a football shirt that was given to me by my brother in law which is very comfortable during hikes. Always been interested in football but couldn't find time to watch a game or who to root for hahaha.

Wow, wow, wow! What a trek @watersnake101. I would love to make that hike, so beautiful. Quite a day, I'm sure you were all exhausted after that, but well worth it.


Oh you need to do it even once. You get to know more about yourself in experiences like these. You are soo right as we were all so exhausted. When we got back we were very hungry and we still had to cook even though we were so tired.

Looks beautiful!
Peace, Love, Gratitude!


Thank you. I appreciate it!

There are some mighty beautiful shots and words in this post but my favorite photo is of you flailing on the side of a cliff. This seems to have been one of those trips you will always remember. Thanks for putting it together for us


Hahaha my brother in law took the shot. Didn't even know he took a photo of me climbing down. Unforgettable experience up there as the view was gorgeous.

They say that it is always best at the top if you have the guts to reach it. And they are right, as those views are magnificent.
Congratulations on your majestic climb.
Blessings to all of you!


Head was throbbing, muscles were aching, low on water but conquered it! Never give up in reaching your goals in life no matter how hard. Thank you very much my friend!


Oh man, it reminds me so much about some days in the army.
True that nothing in life is impossible once the mindset is correct and determined!

Just another fabulous post, full of wonderful photos. Beautiful work @watersnake101 💕


Posted using Partiko Android


Thank you will always try to share the best way I can.

Howdy sir watersnake101! That was an amazing hike and what views, wow! Absolutely stunning. I'm glad you were able to do that and share it with us, well done!


Hey cowboy. How's it going? It was pretty tough, I'm glad I didn't quit on it. Do I have now what it takes to be a cowboy?


lol..yes sir I think you proved yourself on that epic hike and climb! Congratulations. lol. You should make that a yearly trek.

Wonderful photography @watersnake101, very brave to climb those rocks!


Some parts were pretty scary but I tried to be brave lol.

Where is Marikaban located? Haven't heard of it yet. We love hiking. And your hike reminded me of our hike to Taraw Peak in El Nido. Hehe! 😊 It was also a rocky climb. The only difference I guess is that Taraw has pointed edges. You'll sure to get scratches if you're not careful.

Thank you for sharing this experience @watersnake101.


Hello there. The island is located between anilao batangas and Puerto gallera. Taraw peak sounds pretty tough but would like to climb it one day. But for now no more climbing till I get back in shape lol.