The Hidden Treasure of the Island "Sepoc Beach" - Beautiful Sunday

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After that magical experience at Sombrero Island, we headed out next to Sepoc Beach. The beach is popular because of its caves located along its rocky shoreline. It seems that adventure and exploration on this island never ends. The places that we have visited so far are just a few of what this island has to offer. So come with me again today as we explore the caves on this amazing beach site.


The Hidden Treasure of the Island "Sepoc Beach"



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Just located on the northwestern part of the island is Sepoc Beach. One of the many beach resorts located on this island can only reached via boat unless you would like to go through the thick jungles of the island.

Coming from Sombrero island you will pass by this amazing rock formation which is just one of the many surrounding the island.

Still thinking about the fishes during our snorkeling activity, our boatman said that our next stop is the caves. I have seen a couple of them along the way but didn't realize that we could go inside the cave.

As we came closer to the shore we felt like explorers on uncharted land. Seeking for a fortune hidden away inside one of the caves. My imagination was disrupted when I saw a lot of tourists and boats near the caves. I guess they might have taken all the treasure already.

When we arrived we overheard a group of tourists haggling with the boatman. One of them saying, " 5 islands, please, we go to 5 islands", the boatman was just scratching his head. I guess they were demanding more than what is included in the tour package. I'd understand if they paid more but I wouldn't know what their agreement was. Anyway, I didn't mean to snoop but their conversation was too loud as you could hear it even as the motor from the boat was running.

The water is very clear which is what I love so much about this island. The area is clean and I didn't see any rubbish around. Places like these fascinate me as in my home town the beaches are filled with garbage and the water is not clear which is very sad. If they can do it here why can't people back home do it? Maybe we should just move out here instead.

The color of the sand appears to look a bit golden yellow and there are a lot of rocks and pieces of coral on the shore. Since the area is rich with lush coral reefs, these might have been then ones that died through time and washed ashore.

On our way to the caves I saw two people taking photos along the rocks and I said to myself, " maybe there aren't too many people as I thought". I slowly navigated myself towards the rocks. Carefully watching my every step as the rocks are slippery and taking a slip would be a tragedy. I would get all my gear wet and since my camera and lens are not weather-sealed for sure it will be damaged by seawater.

When I reached the curve I was overwhelmed seeing, there they were explorers also searching for that imaginary treasure that I am looking for. Some have found them through selfies and posts on their social media platforms. I never really got into that selfie thing and striking poses on the camera. I prefer hiding behind the lens and looking for that perfect shot if it even exists.

Here we are the twin caves that everyone was talking about and to my surprise, it wasn't big. I thought the cave coursed through the mountain but still, it looked amazing as I haven't been to a lot of caves or caverns.

We again encountered the group that we saw earlier that were arguing with the boatman. This time we were waiting for them to finish taking photos and they were taking too long as if they didn't care that someone else was waiting. One of them noticed that I was getting impatient he said, "two minutes, two minutes we finish". I just gave him a nod and a smile.

Finally it was our turn and we had the whole cave to ourselves.

Fortunately, there was was no one else waiting for their turn inside so we had more time to spare here. Patience is a virtue and rewards those who wait.

The sand here is white which is different from the shore. I don't think that the cave gets drowned by the ocean during high tide as the walls are dry along with some parts of the sand inside. I think you could practically live inside this cave and build a decent fire to warm you up during cold nights. A fun idea but seriously it is not allowed.


Aside from this cave, there are two more on the other side of this rock. Since the rocks are slippery I didn't attempt to see them. I really felt that I would slip even if I was careful and I wouldn't risk getting my camera wet. Let's just enjoy this cave that we claimed and head back.

Time to head back as we still have another place to go to and unfortunately we didn't find any hidden treasure in the cave.

The trail is very rocky and you must always be careful when going to places like these. One slip and you could easily get hurt and could ruin the entire trip. I think aqua shoes is a must when exploring islands and coastal areas. I think it has a good grip when it comes to slippery rocks which is much better than the regular beach sandals that we wore.

Back on the beach, our boatman said that we should take more photos before we leave. It seems that he wasn't in a rush to go to our next destination. Well, I often forget to take family photos of us during our trips and my wife hates me for it. I just tell her to always remind me as I always get too absorbed by the surroundings.


As we were getting ready to leave I realized that indeed there is a treasure not only in this place. A treasure can be found in every moment you spend with the people that you love.

The treasure may not be in the form of gold coins or precious gems but every adventure with the family is priceless. Exploring, having fun, learning things together is worth more than any hidden treasure. The smiles on their faces is rewarding and knowing that these memories will remain for the rest of our lives.

Time for us to go and head out to our next destination. Taking nothing from the beach but memories and photos to remind us of this beautiful experience.

Again I thank you for joining us on this episode. I hope you enjoyed the tour and if ever you plan to visit one day, do let me know as I can point you in the right direction.

Hope to see you again soon for our next adventure. Until then keep on exploring and find that treasure.



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All photos are original and taken with

Panasonic Lumix GX85 with 12-32 mm kit lens




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I love the post and the images @watersnake101, but I still don't know where this is in the world.
I see Steemitworld map is cited, but I don't see the link to show the location.
Post is upvoted nonetheless


Oh this is located in the Philippines and this is just one of the 7,641 islands. Thank you so much I'm glad you loved the photos.


I did indeed love them. The Philippines are one of my possible destinations before I go, which I hope will not be TOO soon ha ha ha...
Thank you @watersnake101


You are not going anywhere anytime now lol. You will get to visit our country one day. There is something for everyone. Culture, food, islands, mountains. Everytime we travel, I try my best to share more about our country and our culture. We have a lot of influences throughout the centuries. Chinese, American but heavily influenced by Spain due to more than 300 years of occupation.


I'm 64 now, that means I'm not young any more, my health is becoming an issue, and there are more years behind me than before me.
I'm just being realistic. I really do intent to travel sometime soon.
In all my life, I've never been on a VACATION where I go somewhere, stay in accommodations I don't have to worry about cleaning, where I'm not going to work, or play (both jobs) not going to a wedding or funeral.
Never been to a beach where all I had to do was lay around or explore.
I want to do some of that while I can still get around and
Enjoy myself. Sadly, I have no one to share this with.


My friend all is not too late. You need to go out and truly live life, meet people and see the world. Maybe you might find companionship along the way. I know you have had a lot of experience with life. I have talked with a lot of people who felt regret and wising they did what they truly wanted. One advise I got changed my life, "Life is short to be sad all the time, leave the past behind, make plans and just go for it with no regrets." Ever since then even though we don't have the means I try my best to just go out and plan, sometimes spontaneous. Going places, not extravagant and sometimes free when opportunity arrives lol. Doesn't matter if the place is near or far, the most important part is experiencing what life is about.


🙏 🙌 👍 😁 🙏


One day,
We will no longer be here, our time on earth will
There will be nothing left of us, our bodies are
Just on lease.
What will be left behind by us, those
“Footprints in the sand” are the memories that
We’ve created, as we’ve walked across the
All of us have things we’ve done,
When mindless youth held sway, that
We’d take back in later years, if only
There were a way.
Our only hope
Against memories that brood,
Is to make deeper tracks of
Helping, Healing, Bringing Smiles and
Warmth of Heart, may not reverse
All the bad,
At least, it is a
Good start.

“Footprints in the sand”
Jerry E Smith
jonathon pie

Great post, you adventure at Island “Sepoc Beach” make you all real explorers. I am glad you all found your treasure together.


Being together is the treasure and makes travels worthwhile. I appreciate your comment. Thanks a lot.

That rock when you come from sombrero island looks like Phang Nha from that James Bond movie. I will bet it is warmer there than my adventure in Austria at the moment


Ah yes you're in Austria right now. Yea it's pretty warm here and I'd love to experience that cold snowy weather for a change. Let's swap places once you're done with the tour hahhaha.

Interesting caves. Wonder if could have been pirates' enclaves before.


I'm not sure about pirates but back during Spanish times a lot of trade galleons sank near these islands. It was also a hiding place from the Japanese during WW2.


Could be chance of treasures. 😎

Such a beautiful spot! How fortunate you got to explore the caves, something i would love to do! Thanks for sharing!


It was fun going inside a cave especially near the ocean. You could hear the sounds of the waves echoing inside. A bit hard to get to though due to the slippery rocks.

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Thank you for the hug our lovebug!

Not only was it a family outing, but you got some really great photos too! I'll bet those big rocks around the island had something to do with the island being formed there. Awesome post, thanks for sharing!


Taking photos was a challenge. I couldn't go to the other caves as the water was a bit deep there. My mind kept telling me, "Don't drop the camera, don't drop the camera". Thanks for the compliment I appreciate it.

Awesome photos. Beautiful scenery with the rock formations.


Yes the rocks are amazing. Makes you wonder how they formed throughout the years.

You have soooo much fun! I love reading your adventures every week. Hope you kept the camera safe with all that water!


I appreciate that you enjoy our adventures. I hope you get a chance to see the videos for a more immersive experience if interested. Yeah the camera I need a water sealed one so I could bravely go further now matter how wet hahah.

What an adventurous group of beautiful people @watersnake101 💕


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Thank you my friend. More adventure ahead I wish instead of being stuck behind the desk for 8 hours a day.

Very nice post @watersnake101 about a place I am sure many of us would love to experience for ourselves, but … How likely is that? Next best thing, to experience it through the eyes of another! I liked this …

”When I reached the curve I was overwhelmed seeing, there they were explorers also searching for that imaginary treasure that I am looking for. Some have found them through selfies and posts on their social media platforms. I never really got into that selfie thing and striking poses on the camera. I prefer hiding behind the lens and looking for that perfect shot if it even exists.”

… as it seems we are like-minded, as these thoughts are similar to my own. And this …

”Well, I often forget to take family photos of us during our trips and my wife hates me for it. I just tell her to always remind me as I always get too absorbed by the surroundings.”

… as it also seems our wives are similarly like-minded! Maybe more having to do with the difference between men and women generally? No matter where we are on the “good earth?” … 😉

This …

” The treasure may not be in the form of gold coins or precious gems but every adventure with the family is priceless. Exploring, having fun, learning things together is worth more than any hidden treasure. The smiles on their faces is rewarding and knowing that these memories will remain for the rest of our lives.”

… is absolutely true. Well said!

Thanks for sharing this special place with us. Up before 🌄 (here) with several inches of snow outside, so a nice start to my day!


Indeed we are so like minded and so are our wives hahhah. Correct it is almost impossible to visit far fetched places on earth but I could share it in the best possible way I can. Thank you so much. When does the snow subside there by the way? As for me I would love to experience snow but I guess too much is not fun anymore at times.


In our particular area @watersnake101, often the heaviest snows are surprisingly in the Spring. The deepest and single largest storm being on May 8th! Most of the local gardeners here do not plant until after Memorial Day, which is a national holiday here on the last Monday of the month of May.

We have lived where there is no snow and effectively no Winter - the Sonora Desert of southern Arizona. I have also lived in the very cold and long winters of Wyoming. We like the 4 seasons, as Winter really "sets up" our favorite season. The time of renewal in the Spring!

Without Winter, Spring just doesn't seem the same. As long as it is not too long ... Or too cold ... 😊

What an amazing adventure you and your family took! The memories you made and souvenir photos you took will last a lifetime!

If anyone ever sees smoke rising from that cave your the first person on the list! @watersnake101


Hahaha if I happen to disappear you know where to look lol. Have a gorgeous day ahead.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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wow !! This is a like a secret island and cave all together.
I salute your wife and family for being so brave to enter the cave and explore the island as how you have showed us.

I think being here as a family is already the best treasure ever!


You are right on that, being with the family is priceless. But would be nice if I found something valuable inside lol. Cheers!

Lovely!! (:

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What a beautiful place and great pictures to show it. Thanks for sharing!



Very much appreciated. Missing it already.


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Exotic places you show here with perfect photos. The island and beaches are my favorite, in the caves I am a little uncomfortable.


We have more than 7,000 island and each has it's own charm. Some are hidden gems still waiting to be discovered. Plan is to live on one of those beaches one day. About caves do you happen to be claustrophobic?


Probably a little claustrophobic. A huge number of islands ...

okay @watersnake101.. you really have to stop posting these! I am going crazy over here, drowning in winter madness. Then I see your posts and am ready for a vacation.. but I am still paying for the last one I took! hehe.. beautiful post.. as always a great job putting it together and transporting us to this gorgeous place :-D


Hahahha I'm sorry lol I know I'm killing you lol. Where was your last vacation if I may ask? Well I hope you visit a tropical paradise on your next trip. How cold and deep is the snow there right now?


Our last trip was to Mexico. Not much snow here right now. It’s been rather warm winter and I’m hoping it stays that way. Ha ha ha.

That's a really beautiful place, lucky you guys. I also forget to take pictures. My hubby did that for us, but he's long gone now and I have no pix of the past ten years. Now that steem is in my life, I'm getting a little better about it. Nice post.


There maybe no pictures but the good memories will always remain. I'm glad to hear that you are getting better about it now. Steem is life changing. I used to be like a zombie working day in and out. Here it opened up a new world for me. Visit places that I never realized is fascinating.

Beautiful place. SUch transparent waters! I'll pass on the cave, though. Hate caves :)


Oh same with @bluemoon about the caves. The one that I visited that made me a little bit claustrophobic was the Japanese Tunnels that I shared months ago.

What a fabulous island @watersnake101! Your family is beautiful, and you are right the memories you collect from these adventures will always be with you. They're worth more than any treasure :) I would love to visit this special place, wow!


Thank you my family would love to hear that and of course I'm included in the beautiful family hahah. They are my treasure and what keeps me sane in this crazy world of ours. I hope you get to visit one day. Cheers!

Hi @watersnake101 I'm glad you had a treasure and you realized that, sometimes we spend our lives looking for treasures everywhere and we don't realize that we have them so close.

Very nice pictures and beautiful family, God bless you.

I'm going to embrace my treasures.


Yes embrace your treasure as life is short show love as much as we can. Some unfortunately doesn't realize that treasure is just beside them. God bless and have an amazing day ahead.

A beautiful post and I could easily live inside a cave like that my friend.
Back in my army days we often visited to party in a huge cave at the ocean and it was great fun.
Glad that you guys had fun exploring and good that you had the patience to wait!


Didn't know you were in the army. That cave that you partied in is it somewhere in the Pacific?


During my time, all youngsters were conscripted for a 9 month and later a 2 year period to serve in the army my friend. Sadly they have stopped it now, but it was an excellent way to turn young guys into disciplined men.
The cave is here on the Indian ocean in South Africa.

Beautiful indeed! And I didn't even know such a place exists. Perhaps we could check it out next time around 😉👍

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Highly recommend if you have a thing for these activities. Very cheap yet beautifully amazing.


Great 👍👍 it's a dream to tour the entire Philippines 😊😊

What a great day you had! Even without the treasure it seemed like a real adventure ;0)


Oh I live for adventure and would travel all the time if I could.

Lovely exploring these hidden caves, sand is so white and powdery, plenty treasures on the beach in unusual shells too.


There were two more caves we didn't see maybe next time if ever I get a better weather sealed camera. No stopping me to bravely go against the waves.

Another great travel post, @watersnake101! What great pictures. I especially love the ones of the caves. That is a funny story about the people haggling to get to see another island. I hope he didn’t indulge them!


I'm not sure what happened next lol. The guys were really pushing it and even asking for extended hours. Boatman just kept scratching his head. If the boatman indulged their request I hope they paid extra as man has to earn a living.

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Howdy sir watersnake101! What a great time that was, you guys really go on some wonderful trips and the photos are great!


Hey cowboy. Thanks for dropping by I'm glad you liked our trip and the photos. Cheers!

How fun!

Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing :)


Thanks so much. Just sharing a small window in our country.

How much more blue can the water get? Fabulous pictures. And I just love exploring caves. But not deep into them. Just a quick peek. How exciting an adventure. I'll bet it was super fun and exciting.


You love caves then you are welcome to join in the adventure lol. Last cave I visited that I felt claustrophobic was the Japanese tunnels (not a cave more of a tunnel lol).