Age Yeast mask, Ten years younger like me!

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Those who want to stay young, hi! I'm going to share a secret with you. Miracle Expansion Mask. Age Yeast Mask.

I'll give you two kinds of yeast mask recipes. I have two separate recipes for both dry and oily skin.

Age yeast mask recipe for dry skin:

Mix the yeast with a teaspoon of yogurt and a teaspoon of the age. Our mask is ready. it has a crease remover and a collector property. Refreshes the skin. Synchronizes skin tone, brightens. You will see the benefit of the first application. Rub the mask all over your face, To the bottom of the eye and eyelids, neck. Rub with massage. Wash with cold water in half an hour.Consume plenty of water. At least 2 liters per day.

Age yeast mask recipe for oily skin:

A tablespoon of wet yeast. Half a cup of lemon. Mix the two. Crawl to your skin. Rub the mask all over your face, To the bottom of the eye and eyelids, neck. Rub with massage. Wash with cold water in half an hour. That's how easy it is to young. Economic. Natura isn't it?
Try my Recipes and Please write a comment.
If you find it useful. Please share😊

The definitive solution to skin blemishes:
You must read.I applied to myself. I've been wanting to get rid of my stains for five years. I rid in two weeks from all my stains.
My spelling. Both Turkish and English translation.

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All natural facial recipe...very interesting.


You should try it. Very Successful. I advice.

You look amazing! Need to try this out...


Even in first use is great. You should try

wow you look realy so young, is it becouse of this mask? or you are a natural beauty?


Being groomed. Gives Youth. I often apply this mask. Really Useful.

Thanks for sharing


Your Welcome.

your old is 25years old

Banada beklerim :)


Thanks, I recommend it

It is just my though, if you really want to look young? try to stay away from stress and stay health. Also try to sleep 8 hrs a day it will help a lot :)


Absolutely correct

You look good

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Nice, but what kind of yeast should one use?


Age yeast. Brand is not important.There are beneficial bacteria in the yeast. Very rich in vitamin B

What is "the age" in the first recipe where it asks for "a teaspoon of the age"? And what kind of yeast are you using?


Dough yeast.

intereting post @baycan

Thank you for the information
very useful to make skin ageless

you are very beautyful

41 year old,no way.



And what happens after you take off the mask?
You remain beautiful.


You need to apply moisturizing cream