Innisfree Green Lounge

3년 전
in beauty

Dear Steemians,

While I was on my way to a meeting, I saw something that caught my eye. It’s been around for some time, but never really got to take a good look at it: Innisfree’s Green Lounge.

<img src=">

These stations are located near subway stations and its concept is that of a powder room where people can stop and do their makeup before going to work or to a meeting or to meet someone. It’s a pretty cool concept actually.

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I for one, shop for much of my goods online. Most people I know in Seoul shop for at least part of their needs online. As a result, department stores and other offline shops have seen a decrease in sales. As a further result, many of these stores have pivoted their approach from a pure product sales approach to providing a genuine customer experience (focus on the experience) that you cannot receive online … … yet.

Thought it would be cool to share!

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