Latest crochet blanket

3년 전


I found the picture inspiration on Pinterest as usual. The pattern is called around the world but I had to make some adjustments as I didn’t have the same colours as the picture.

I started by making lots of tiny granny squares about 2 inch squared. I started the squares with a magic circle.


I figured that with my colours I would need

93 grey
48 pink
44 lavender
44 red
44 burgundy
44 green
44 blue

I was going to make it bigger but I think I’ll put a decent border around it instead.

I arranged them and sewed them together.


My next step is to start on the corners I’ve placed them ready for sewing.


I crochet quite tight and so compensated by using a size 8mm hook.

And I purchased some new sewing needles for finishing off and so I’m actually looking forward to weaving in the ends once I’m finished.



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it's lovely @danielles ! :) thanks for showing how you made it - I am NOT experienced at crocheting only having learned myself. It hadn't occurred to me you make many small patches and sew them together. :)


It gives me a feeling of achievement getting 1 done is a bonus and they sew together quick too. It’s portable for me to make the squares in the car while waiting for this kids and sew at home :) good luck they’re loads of projects out there to look at

Wow, skillful work @danielles! I can't get each patch in same size. Well done!
And I have never seen that needles before. Is that a new invention?


I found the needles while looking through Facebook groups they’re from America but I got them from amazon easily enough

The color combination is really different and I like the way it stands out. I’m assuming that’s why it’s called around the world. Wow that’s a lot of little squares you made, you’ve been really busy. As always your stitch work is so neat and lovely and I really like the way the blanket is turning out. I have never crocheted anything using granny squares. Are you making this as a gift for someone?

Thanks for sharing with us this week! It’s good to hear from you~ 😊


Thank you. I’m actually making this for our bed. For once it’s just for us :) this is my first granny square blanket I’ve done so I’m happy with it but it is a lot of hard work.


I’m glad you’re keeping it for you! You should be very proud of yourself because it does look like a lot of hard work ;)


Oh it really is a lot of work. It’s looking brilliant though. I’m looking forward to putting the edging on 😊


That’s gonna be fun! 😃👍🏽

I am in love with pinterest, there are so many beautiful things to be found, but I must be careful not to descend into these stunning photos for too long (instead of making something myself).
But for you it obviously worked perfectly as a source of inspiration. Your blanket looks great, the colour combination is outstanding. I also like crochet, but I am much too impatient for such big projects. I am curious to see the finished blanket :-D


I’m working away hard at this blanket and I’ll post the finished blanket soon

That is a colorful and beautiful blanket! I bet it takes lot of time to put them all together.


You have no idea I’m mixing crocheting the squares and sewing and weaving in ends depending on how I’m feeling at the time but I’ve only got 40 odd left to make and plenty to sew

This is lovely, and I like the colours you chose. My adopted sister used to make lots of things with granny squares, including sweaters ... I can't crochet (or knit) to save my life, lol.


I got all the colours from Aldi as a last minute project to take to hospital while having treatment. I needed something to keep me occupied and quiet which every one there likes lol


Hehehe :D

I admire your patience and finishing technique... your work looks superb @danielles... I have been making squares for a bag and it seems to take me ages... I am still not sure how to sew my squares together to make them look neat so I was really interested in those 'finishing needles' ! I must find some of those 😍


I used a seamless join I found on Pinterest it takes some time but it’s worth it.


Thank you @danielles. I will have a look now ! I am planning to post my squares so you can have a look at them. The grey colour is quite similar to yours :)

I love the way your colours pop! All that sewing...I'd be cross eyed..LOL! How many hours did you sit lovingly sewing those together? Thanks for sharing.


I’m still sewing them and then there’s the weaving of the ends to do I’ve got 2 more corners to finish but I’ve been working all week on them and still not done 😊