Why do you think she is Beautiful?

4년 전

What makes you think that a woman is beautiful?

What is the first thing you look at?




Or all the other things below the chin? :)

Of course, you'd say it's all of it.

But the devil is in the details.

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This post will have a question but won't have an answer.

There's no secret I want to share with you and there's no beauty product promotion or make up tutorial following this post.

All I'm looking for in this post is your inputs, the discussion that is really interesting for me - so I want to get YOUR ANSWERS.

To be more precise, I want a photo 😎

A picture of a woman, that you find beautiful, as a comment to this post.

More precisely, a picture where you think she looks the most beautiful.

It can be a celebrity, your neighbor, your wife or yourself.

What I want to explore is our perception of the beauty, our common stereotypes. I wanna see how it all works, but I'd better get into that discussion after I receive at least a couple of pictures...😉

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Wow, great initiative!

Thank you) I'll read more about the project now!


Hehe thanks dear :)

Where did you find this photo?? How old am I here? 20?


something like that;)

I look at the whole picture, everything is important, above the chin and below the chin.

Well, of course it's my wife )

But when i was younger I thought it was Denis Ricahrds:


As i got older it became more Audrey Hepburn:



You definitely have a good taste!;)

In my post I wanted to explore why (and if) the natural beauty is appreciated more than, let's say, urban/artificial beauty. Meaning whether these pictures reflect the woman how you see her in real life, or the result of heavy make up, hair styling etc...

I'd say the picture of Denis Richards is more on the natural side! Which is a good thing)

And I'm sure your wife is a great example of a naturally beautiful woman too!


Well, you liked her intro post on golos 30 minutes ago, so you can compare for yourself =)

Any man prefers natural beauty, but for some silly reason society tries to dictate the opposite.


Ah I didn't know ! Elena, right? Will follow her now :)

I always found Bjork to be very beautiful. I also think women do not really need makeup, natural is true beauty to me. Sorry I'm bit late on the post.


Bjork is amazing, and also very unique in everything! She is one of those women whose age you can never guess )
I totally agree about the makeup thing, and that's why I actually wrote this post. Can't understand why this industry is so powerful and dictating the way women should look like, while men don't really appreciate the artificial beauty it produces..


I agree, I mean it only seems like yesterday when I went out and bought her "debut" album but it was like 20+ years ago or something. When I found out she was 50 last year I think, I was blown away so yeah you can never tell how old she is lol.

I think women will gradually learn about that industry and how they don't have to splash on all the makeup to look beautiful, of course a lot of beauty is inside as we know. As a man, I don't mind if a woman wears a bit of makeup, whatever makes someone feel good, but I do love the natural look. I have always thought it must be such hard work for women that put loads of makeup on and then have to take it off again at night. Good post :)

I like cute-looking girls because after 10 years they are still lovely while mature-looking beauties don't look beautiful after a decade has passed. Good examples are Japanese gravure idols.


Well, it's better to see these girls in person to judge their real beauty, I believe... But it's true that Asian girls really tend to look younger for long time!