Elegant hair styling for bridesmaid for wedding on the beach - PIN UP BRAID ON TOP & ON SIDE

2년 전

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to show you a very professionally styled hair with real products for my bridesmaid's day!
It also includes me eating many sandwiches as this session went on for hours.
I eat one of those sandwiches at minute 15:21.

Let me know what do you think and drop a photo of your hairstyle.

Right here.

Right now.


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Sorry, I'm just a bit shy ...

Haha! Hairdressing for weddings is so tedious. I remember one time when we were going to shoot our prenup video, I fell asleep near the beginning and when I woke up it still wasn't finished! My then-bride-to-be being the subject of the hairdressing, not me. Mine took 5 minutes hahaha!

Jesus, I'm so glad I'm a dude.
Looks good, although for spending an hour to give you a ponytail it better look good.

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cool :D , Sandrina <3 , earlier you post rarely , are you busy , finally did you find a good job ?