Study Shows Honeybee Venom Might Be Useful For Treating Some Forms of Cancer

3개월 전

A new study suggests that a certain molecule that is found in honeybee venom might be beneficial in helping to treat breast cancer.
The study investigated the impact that this molecule might have on treating certain sub-types of breast cancer.

Honeybee venom has had a history of being utilized in various medicinal therapies, researchers have thought that it might possess anti-tumor properties. The molecule in question, known as melittin, was used in the lab with lab-grown cancer cells and normal cells. They used honeybee venom that came from Australia, England, and Ireland.

Extremely Potent Honeybee Venom

The researchers noted that they discovered the venom to be extremely potent when applied to the cells.

They concluded that it helped to destroy cancer cell membranes within 60 minutes.

It also had little to no impact on the normal cells, but tremendous impact on the cancer cells they were working with.
They will be looking to do more research going forward that will examine toxicities and maximum doses which will be needed for human trials.
This isn't the first time they've looked to honeybee venom in the medical world to try and come up with new solutions to problems that people face. Researchers have only begun to investigate the potential for what honeybee venom might be used for, to understand what the venom might be used to help create; how it can bring value to the healthcare market.



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