Our Scenic Mountain Apiary


Hey everyone, how exciting it is to be a bee-keeper especially at the beginning of the honey flow which starts about now, what makes it even more exciting is the promise of an incredible year with more bee colonies arriving soon as well as another new apiary site and possibly 2 in the pipeline!


Here we have a view of our incredible new scenic apiary in the Bush at the foot of a hill...



Here my 70 year old landlord as bright and sprightly as ever, he literally has more energy and strength than I, epic backdrop for miles, our bees are going to be on this elevated level the Bronberg Mountain!


Here we have some incredible wild flowers in the area which have just started to bloom, in the bronberg mountains a hot 'forage spot' for the bees in the area. Not much quiet tastes like or beats Wild Honey!




The owner of this property tells us this area in Summer has the most incredible wild fruit and flowers for bees to forage. There used to be another bee-keeper in the area who seems to have lost interest which is why we were lucky enough to take over from!


Everything looks rather dearth and dry at the moment but the Summer rains due very soon should sort all of that out.

We have put our 2 hives in a steel cage to prevent the 'critters' in the area bothering the bees, everything from bush pigs, to porcupines and monkeys even, we do not want anything harming our precious bees so will take appropriate measures to protect against that!


Nature the incredible, I trust you have an amazing Weekend. Love and light and be blessed.


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