Beer Tasting - Belgian Strong Ale ('Gulden Draak The Brewmasters Edition' by Brouwerij Van Steenberge)


Is this the moment when the unexpected hero comes with a big bag of cash and buys up all the crypto? I sure hope so!

I see bear flags, bear flags everywhere. If you didn’t get the memo, nobody pays any attention to the huge price predictions by some news celebrities. This game is fought on the technical side. Sadly, technicals paint a very bearish picture. I’m taking the approach of holding but also shorting. That way I’m close to break even if we go down and it’s easy to resume the uptrend since you already hold the coins.

Best case scenario, we are making higher low here.

The dragon awakens! The label isn’t supposed to fool you on this one! It’s really fierce!

Gulden Draak The Brewmasters Edition

StyleBelgian Strong Ale
CountryErtvelde, Belgium
BreweryBrouwerij Van Steenberge
AppearancePale amber. Clear. Medium white head.
AromaStrong alcohol. Dried fruit.
TasteStrong Alcohol sweet. Indeed reminds of diluted whiskey.
PalateOily. Medium carbonation. Bittersweet but also strangely dry.
OverallThis one boasts extreme taste experience and packs a heavy punch. One will get you prepared for the evening. I do not recommend this one during the day.
Score (subjective)- 15/20

Price: 1.89 Euro (2.14$) for 0.33. Bottle at a supermarket. Mid-range

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Very high

Please drink with style and responsibility!

Camera: Cell phone - Moto E5 Plus

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