Brewing My Own REAL Beer!

2개월 전

Hey everyone, when all this lockdown madness began in South African the pathetic government closed down the bottle stores. We, been a resourceful community, all started brewing pineapple beer, what can only be described as alcoholic cat piss, needless to say it exploded in my bedroom and took me a month to remove the smell....


So I evolved and fast...


My initial problem is my house is very cold in Winter around 15 degrees and Winter needs to be at least 18 degrees to start to ferment..


The below two containers are fermenters I plan to brew two different tasting beers at once, the whole process depending on the beer can take from a week to 6 Months, pointless waiting that long for one beer at a time so I will be brewing two per batch, neat plan right?


I went to my local pet supplies store. Purchased a digital thermometer, foam and a reptile heating pad.

thumbnail_20200808_130300 1.jpg

I cut the foam to size and made an insulated box in which I planned to put my fermenter.



I didn't want to send tons of time and money on this as winter is just about over and the only time I will use it again is next winter so for now just strapped it all together with tape...



Put the heating pad on the fermenter with a velcro belt, installed the thermometer and bob's your Uncle :)


I shall keep you updated with my epic beer brewing adventures!

Have an amazing Sunday, love and light, be blessed.


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