Why men drink as babies till adulthood

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I wonder if the assertion that men never grows up, rather changes bottles is a truism. But come to think of it, why is it that men love to drink more than women, are there any special thing in bottles that meet the eye?

According to some answers provided in Quora as to "why some men like beer so much" Ayush Vatsa answered beautifully thus;

You don't need reason to like beer, do you.?
1.You can pick up a beer in any bar in town.
2.You can have more than one beer in a night and not feel guilty.
3.A beer won't get upset if you come home with beer on your breath.
4.A beer won't get jealous if you bring home another beers.
5.You don't have to wine and dine a beer.
6.A beer won't throw things if you come home after 2am.
7.A beer won't ever expect you to buy it flowers.
8.You don't have to take your socks off with a beer.
9.And,yes hangovers are only temporary.

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On a more serious note, Todd Gardiner in his own view asserted that;

Beer and other alcoholic beverages have been providing a boost to socialization for people (including men) for the entirety of civilization. Recent papers even credit the desire to make beer (and serve it at festivals) as the driving force to start early civilization. (http://blogs.forbes.com/frederic...)
Men have a harder time than women engaging in open socialization. That is, socialization that is not motive-driven, but performed just for the pleasure of strengthening social bonds within a group. Alcohol has been demonstrated to reduce social anxiety in people, opening up freer participation and reducing inhibitions.
Beer can enable this state of social disinhibiton while being of a low enough alcohol content to allow continued consumption through the evening. Note that wine (possibly watered down) is often used in the same way in the Mediterranean and can easily be said to be more popular with men than woman in that region (alas, another stereotype!)
Add to this the relative ease of getting beer in the store in the Western world, compared to acquiring liquor, which is often regulated by state in the US or by country in Europe.

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However, according to an article in Psychology today,

Research by University of South Florida psychology professor Jennifer Bosson and colleagues suggests that one possible reason could be to display masculinity to others, including the signal that one is a straight, heterosexual male.

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Whatever be the reason as to why men love to drink beer so much, be it because of socialization or to display masculinity or the sweet taste /aroma or the feeling it gives, the main thing to note here is that men and beer has gone a long way and to separate the bottle from men is to ask us, (yes including this writer) to grow up!; but if you must try, remember this, "Men don't grow up, they change bottles

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Therefore, my question is, do you drink beer or any alcoholic beverage or know someone who drinks? Comment with brand and why you like to drink or why you do not.
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Give me legend extra Stout... especially in a time like this that I am trying to blog but my head is clouded.

Awesome post.


Ahh. My brand. Legend extra stout is a good alternative for Guinness stout. Cheaper a d gives that same happy satisfaction and feeling 👍 beer 🍺

I don't like beer that much, only if it's hot outside and the beer is lovely and cold :)

And I can't understand how some people (men?) can drink more than 10 bottles of beer and I have to stuggle to drink at least 1 liter of water a day :D


Hahaha. 😂
Have you checked out the tummy of those men who drink more than 10bottles daily😉
In my place we Cal it pot belly... Well, the secret is as you drink, you keep peeing and keep drinking.
Anyways, for me, 1 or 2 bottles is ok.
Nice comment., Let's keep in touch

love the style and way you addressed this serious but funny issue. hahaha. nice one. i read it all over again and still finds this amazing. i am an occasional drinker. tastes beers sometimes but i prefer martini more only occasionally please ;) tks for such a lovely fun post. upped


Hope to enjoy martini with you. I prefer mine on the rocks 😎

Ginger ale and Irish Whiskey. Beer....ew

  ·  2년 전

Fantastic. Guinness extra smooth does it for me.


👍😎 cheers 🍸

The biggest positive is how it keeps you away from depression if you consume in moderation :)


Very true. There are times one need some good chilled beer to cool off stress 👍

Hahaha So true . Great beer post my friend , I'm thirsty now while blogging from work and wish I had a Beer ! using up my data Lol 😊👍 Got to go , thanks for sharing. Upped and resteemed 👍👍👍🍺🍺🍺


Welcome as always mumsy kitchen and for sure we will gulp down good chilled beer 🍺 after enjoying your sweet delicacies.

I prefer the occasional whiskey for turning up. Lol, usually this bottle called bond 7, tho I dont really discriminate and might switch depending on the mood or the occasion.


Good one. Hahaha. Switching is allowed. Let's keep in touch mate


Haha! This is a funny way of putting it together. Though both my hubby and I love a glass of wine from time to time, we do not drink much alcohol. Never liked the taste of beer and I am a Belgian! My hubby, however, likes to drink one of the Belgium Trappist beers when we visit!


What an irony. I know Germans, Dutch and Belgian are good beer 🍺 drinkers. But wine is Kool. Nice one as always. 🍷

such a funny post. am a lady but my man drinks occasionally. love the humour in this. keep it up. for me i dont take alcohol, prefer non alcoholic wine

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Nice work @kenhudoy, men enjoy drinking beer for the fun of it. It gives them boldness. As for me, I don't like taking beer. Upped.


Well, I can see that . Guess non alcoholic beverage is ok for you. Good one also.

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Wow.... Nice funny post
Enjoy this post


Tks. Let's keep in touch