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Microbreweries are quite the rage now a days and are popping up all over the place. That being said I will have to admit that I do enjoy getting out with friends, visiting the various breweries, and sampling the various brews. So I thought that since it is rather hot in Texas in the summer, and a nice cold beer does sound "refreshing," that maybe over the next few months I would try to visit a few of the local breweries in the area.

Rahr brewery is located in Fort Worth Texas and has some very good beers. Twice a week on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons they open up the brewery for a few hours and for a very reasonable price you get a free Rahr glass and 3.5 glasses full of their various brews.










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There is a long queue. Is it for reasonable price? Nice informative post who like beers.


The line to get in is a bit long but moves pretty fast and the price is very reasonable. Like you said, if one likes beer it's hard to beat. Thanks for the comments.

it's also necessary to see the brewery, it's amazing


It definitly is interesting to see how they are set up and how it all works.

You should visit Pilot Point, TX....home of Western Son Distillery.


Thanks for the info, I'll check them out, I've never been to a liquor distillery.

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