Have a Drink with Dadview - Mill St Vanilla Porter

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Today is Friday again so I hope you all have time to

"Have another drink with Dadview"!

A while back I wrote a post called Great Local Beers. I love buying local when I can. Craft breweries are everywhere now. I would highly recommend to all of you readers to experiment and find a beer that is local to you. Then you can share one of your local beers with me. I promise if you recommend it then I will try it (if I can find it). So lets get on with the promised drink we were going to have together.

Mill St. Brewery - Vanilla Porter


I have never had a vanilla infused beer before. So when I saw this one on the shelf, I didn't hesitate to grab it. I was unsure what to expect from this beer, except a strong taste of vanilla. It is a very distinct taste and can sometimes be overpowering.


As soon as I opened the can it started to foam. I quickly transferred it to my mug and the foam took over the glass. It almost had that Guinness look where the foam is darker near the bottom and light at the top, then the colour slowly moves up until the beer is dark and the foam is light. This picture was taken after it had settled.


This beer had a great aroma and as you can tell I was excited to take a drink. Look at those crazily focussed eyes. Just thinking about writing a great review. This beer weighed in at an even 5.0% alcohol by volume. It was brewed is the great city of Toronto Ontario, and it was calling my name!


Cheers to cold beers!

This beer was smooth and delicious! I drank more than half of it during my first taste. I was pleasantly surprised. It had a chocolaty vanilla flavor that left me waning more. The glass was emptied very quickly. If I had of purchased 3 more, they would have been gone just as quickly.


I would highly recommend giving this beer a try. Obviously if you are not a fan of vanilla then there is a good chance this beer may not be for you. I really enjoyed the original flavours that it offered and hope that you may too.


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Three Cheers to Beers, or 3 beers...or 6 or whatever
tips fedora, falls off barstool


love it....

Great review, I really loved it!! The beer also looks great, I need to see if I can find something like that here in South Africa!!

Mmmm Stout!🍻

I just posted mine. Tried the coding. I did it all on my phone. Liked great on my phone, but it probably doesn't look great on a browser 😂

Vanila flavour Beer, it's like a combination of Beauty and the Beast...hehehe.
I would not mind trying it for once ;-)