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Today is Friday again so I hope you all have time to "Have another drink with Dadview"!
A while back I wrote a post called Great Local Beers. I love buying local when I can. Craft breweries are everywhere now. I would highly recommend to all of you readers to experiment and find a beer that is local to you. Then you can share one of your local beers with me. I promise if you recommend it then I will try it (if I can find it). So lets get on with the promised drink we were going to have together.

This weeks beer is from Brantford Ontario. Home of Wayne Gretzky and only about an hours drive from my place. 2018_03_28_20_39_49

Coffee IPA

The title given to this beer is Brewed Awakening. It is a Coffee IPA and I picked it up thinking of my fellow alliance member @c0ff33a In fact I thought a lot about this beer. I kept thinking... and thinking... and thinking. What would it taste like? Would I like it? Was I thirsty? Is the earth really flat? Would beer taste better if the earth was round? Who was this @c0ff33a character....

Eventually my head hurt from thinking too much. I think I needed to have a nice cold beer to help myself calm down. Wait a minute, I forgot that I had one right here! I should just stop thinking and pour! This beer poured wonderfully. It came out with a lot of head that was a nice rich brown. The colour slowly lightened. It was actually fun to watch. The colour of the beer itself was a very dark brown. The head did not fade and was still there after I took the time to snap a few pictures. It did have a slight coffee bean smell but I was expecting a stronger aroma. This was really my first coffee beer so I didnt know what to expect.
Okay, so now for the fun part.

Cheers to cold beers!



I was pleasantly surprised. I actually really enjoyed the coffee infusion. I may have to scour the area for a few more coffee beers to try out and compare this with. I wish I had purchased more than one can.... oh well. Guess it will have to wait until next #beersaturday Or maybe just until tomorrow night!
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Ah the good old coffee infused Beers, they are really popular nowadays and I do sell coffee to some local crafts breweries for them to use in their brews.

This sounds like a really good IPA, and a beer that keeps you awake can not be bad at all!



I was really impressed with it. After looking up other reviews, it was just rated average compared to some other coffee blends. I am going to have to try a few more!

I’m. It an ipa lover but I think I’d for sure try it just to see who the coffee and hops tasted


I used to hate IPA's.
Not sure what happened but they have grown on me....

Awesome name! I would've tried it for that reason alone.


I find I often choose beers by name or can art!

It looks like something that I would like to at least try @dadview! Thanks for sharing! Tonight I will stick to the hard cider, but maybe try a coffee IPA soon!


I have been known to sip a hard cider on a nice sunny day