Pickled Pig Porter Beer


Blood Sweat and Tears, Morning Walk Over, It's Beer Time!

Long weekender up in the mountains with family anticipate some walking, drinking, enjoying a night under the stars. Last weekend came packed with all aforementioned.

Being inland means hot days and much cooler nights, arriving Friday perhaps I let the hair down a little too much enjoying red wine watching the moon rise over the water.


Next morning was sweet revenge, my brother mentioned a lovely walk along the river (a separate story), all I will say it was blood, sweat and tears... for me! It was way too hot up in an area where they have not seen rain in ages, well let us not whine about it, I survived!

Late afternoon when all was said and done, the cool breeze off the mountains to fan me down, time to hit one of those craft beers I purchased on the way into the trout farm, last call shopping is always in Nottingham Road.

Without further ado let's take a closer look at the Pickled Pig porter, a craft beer I have missed no longer available locally. Picking up a special pack with four that I have tried over the years I will share them slowly for full enjoyment.


ABV 4.5% IBU: 24 - Nottingham Road Brewery started brewing in 1994/5


440 ml hand crafted beer, a proudly KwaZulu-Natal addition to a slightly bitter full rounded beer of South African origin.


Dark pour with full frothy head, by this time temperature was down to 14 deg C from a scorching 29 deg C around midday. No time to chill the glass as one would naturally do on the coast.


Enjoyment beyond reasonable doubt, I enjoy a heavy beer in cooler weather, the bitter full flavour rolling around your mouth as you start to swill it down, washing the dust away. Oh it looks like an ant wanted to take a sip as well crawling up the glass.


Contentment at the end of a day with the farm dog Shadow enjoying watching the sky change colour, moon rising at the end of day.

Photography all my own on a Canon PowerShot SX730 HS

Epic Beer Sharing join #beersaturday with @detlev

Thought for Today: "Fun is like fine beer it is rarely enjoyable alone." ~ African Proverb



!steemitworldmap -29.314734 lat 29.6562679 long Brackenburn Trout Retreat Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa D3SCR

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Salivating by just looking at the images! I love beer...

In Lak'ech,



This particular one goes well on cooler days, very smooth @jaichai

Hey @joanstewart, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!


Thanks.. gulp, slurp @beerlover

So glad to see that you survived the fall into the dam on Friday night Lady Joan.
And so wise to stop the wine and only drink the old Pickled Pig Snorters hahaha
A lovely post here.


That Pig sure went down well in the cold mountain air, temperature plummets up in the mountains you can feel the change from around four in the afternoon.

How I loved feeling cold crisp air again Stephen!


Sounds great Lady Joan and I was only joking about the dam fall, as you are way more careful Lol. Hope that I at least got a smile outta ya.
We have felt that temperature drop a few times and it is indeed dramatic and so refreshing.


After the walk a dip in the river or dam would have sufficed to cool me down, by the time I got back it did not enter my mind to join the trout!


Hahaha, we ll said my friend.
It is now almost winter here again in the Cape.
Everyone is talking about the funny weather.

What a strange name for a beer! Probably a built in way to prevent excess... if you can't say it, then you are drunk! Dark beers aren't really my thing... but glad you enjoyed it!


Notties beer range are named after animals, making it fun to taste enjoying the labels @bengy, have a wonderful day.

Cool illustration on the bank! I haven’t seen it in the store.


Very pretty area @amalinavia thanks for visiting.

Lovely post @joanstewart, gota let the hair down now and then not so;) Love stopping at Notties for a couple of gift packs to take home after a visit inland. Gorgeous photo!

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Always come home heavy laden with local cheese, yogurt, dried fruit from the area.

Love the higher climate conditions in the Berg @lizelle, the beers in the region are a bonus for beer lovers.

That definitely is a dark beer, and it looks so robust. If they're too dark, it's not to my liking. The taste can be fine, but heavy beer just fills and sits. I'm not huge on lite beers either, so I like them in the middle. But any craft beer is worth trying at least once.


Have not had one of these craft beers in over fifteen years so it was fun tasting again @blockurator, definitely not a beer to drink down at the coast where conditions are a lot warmer.

Sounds like a pretty nice !BEER I do love the can


Their can designs are really fun, thanks for the beer @tattoodjay will be sharing a few more.


I look forward to seeing more i hope your weekend is going well

What a good day for a beer, but you serve me a soda?
the place looks pretty and the menacing wild boar haha


Craft beer in this brewery uses animal names for each beer, loving animals it is a fun beer to enjoy in the bush. Thanks for visiting @txatxy have a great day.

Looks like a pretty solid beer...


Most enjoyable in a cooler climate @harveyword

Love those sunset shots @joanstewart :) Sounds like you had a lovely visit with your bother, wine and craft beer! What a treat!


Wonderful break, a little too short, loved the cold weather that passed through it went down to 8 deg C. Clear skies you feel you could touch the moon and stars @birdsinparadise

Hmm... so a pesky ant thought he was gonna get him some of the beer? I'm sure you showed him the error of his ways! LOL


Ant did not have enough muscle to get between me and tasting that beer!

Not sure where he ended up, I do know where the beer went 😊

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I like your way of thinking. Go for a morning walk, return. Have a beer!


Sweltering hot walk, that beer slid down smoothly as the cool evening air arrived. Normally do not take photographs of my beer, no time like the present!

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Thank you @trufflepig thrilled to have you visit.

Loves those photos! Thanks for sharing this with us and may you have a wonderful day!

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