BeerSaturday @ Dubai airport 2a.m.


Scaling at Dubai airport in our way to Bangkok (SteemFest4) we decided to grab a beer as it was Saturday night 😉

We picked SkyBar lounge as it was next to our boarding door and had a lot of international choices :)


Everything was going ok...but then my beer was served in a Guiness glass...and it didn't seem ok to me. I know, it's just a glass, and at home I may do it too, but only if I'm out of "clean" glasses!!

When I was drinking the beer I was thinking it could be a "Black beer, White beer" version of Kusturica's cat movie!😅

I got a bit anoyed because this was the first time I had the chance to order a Budweiser pressure beer. But it was a disapointment: the beer was not fresh or sparkling as it could be, and was in a glass of Guiness!! Seven euros was too much!! Dubai, oh Dubai!!
Looking forward to try Thai beers :)

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Bom resto de viagem e divirtam-se muito! :)


Bem, ontem vi dois trabalhos teus no SteemArt...brutais!! Muitos parabéns :)



:) Obrigado :)


False positive warning removed


I'm not trying to scam anyone 😅

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F... stupid warning bot. I guess it was drunk as we were after partying in Khaosan
Sorry about that @liliana.duarte