CoinLifestyle: Steps to help you remove doubts about cryptocurrency

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There are four emotional states most people go through to create the CoinLifestyle…

The 'CoinLifestyle' is a term I ‘coined’ (no pun intended) a few years again when I decided to go full time promoting the education of cryptocurrency and ultimately blockchain technology.

Having traveled to 30 countries in the last three years, I was able to experience first hand what this term meant. Not only have I been able to see the world, but the incredible friends I have in over 30 countries is nothing short of amazing.

All financed by cryptocurrency…hence the CoinLifestyle!

The four emotional states that people go through when they are introduced to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Fear - Anytime there is ignorance there is going to be fear. Often when people are in this state they make ignorant statements like “it’s a scam” or the all time favorite “it is a Ponzi scam”. I love it when people say this because I know I have a live prospect that is working from a blank chalkboard. They obviously do not have a clue what they are talking about. By the way people do not like it when you know something they do not know so tread lightly on ignorant people - they are actually in a defensive state when they make these ludicrous statements.

Belief - After gaining about a 1 hour of education, most people start thinking maybe it is true, maybe there is something real here. Really, who does not like the idea of ditching the banks and becoming their own bank - Intermediaries simply take money out of our pockets and this is a technology that produces wealth that goes up in value. Who does not want money that goes up in value? Belief is created when they see it working for others - that is why it is important to get people on the webinar or reading website like or watching Don Tapscotts famous TedTalk on the Blockchain revolution.

Knowing - This state occurs after they see it working for themselves. They have acquired some cryptocurrency and more importantly they have transacted with it. Knowing is the state where the CoinLifestyle gets contagious. It is real, it is the future and no one can tell you otherwise.

Conviction - This is where you become evangelical - you KNOW that this technology and CoinMD will lift more people out of poverty that any technology in history and you are traveling the world telling the masses about it - At this point you are carrying a gladiator sword and shield. You are an emissary for the industry and the company. You have watched hundreds of hours of videos, you have read The Blockchain Revolution, The Business of Blockchain, The Age of Cryptocurrency and The 7th Disruption several times. You are now a Disruptionista.

The 4 E’s can help you move through the four emotional states:

Educate - This is the starting point! You need to do your homework. Watch the videos, attend conferences and read the books.

Experience - Start conducting transactions. Download a wallet and do your first BTC or CMD transaction. Set up a brokerage account with Coinbase, Binance or CMDX. Purchase something with BTC or CMD. This will move you from believing to knowing really fast when you see it is REAL money that we are creating.

Engage - Start sharing with confidence…it is real and working. Start building your team and your dream.

Empower - Build a WealthCare Savings Account and start helping others see the benefits of Cryptocurrency. When you reach this point…your conviction starts to develop.

The most important thing is to recognize the state you are in and focus on the 4 E’s to move to the next stage of your business.

The more education you gain, the more belief you will have.

The more experience you gain, the more knowing you will have.

The more engaged you become, the more conviction you will have.

The more empowered you become…the more unstoppable you will be!


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