Challenge: Behind the curtain!

3년 전


I was nominated by @thefarmerswife to take a picture of my favorite spot where I Steem from.

I usually Steem from the Living room balcony, using an Ipad or sometimes the Phone and overlooking the swimming pool with a cup of Espresso on my right to boost my mood. The pool shown in the photo is also my favorite training ground where I have spent countless laps in the past 5 years doing, freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly swims.





I Nominate: @samer484, @full-steam-ahead, @bowentroyer, @anas1557, @cyclamen

Here are the rules:

Take a picture of yourself working on Steemit, or what you see while you work on Steemit.

Tag 5 Steemians in your post.

Use the #behindthecurtain

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Thanks, very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

Keep it up!!!



Will try to and thank you,

wow, very beautiful friends, very nice photography friends


Thank you!

Really beautiful location!


I choose this house just because of the pool and garden, Thank you!

This post has received gratitude of 6.15% from @appreciator courtesy of @digdaga!

excellent post friend

really a great place, very lucky you live in this beautiful place @digdaga.

The experience that attracts your friend is amazingly successful always a friend ..
I also have a new friend post if time please support it

Very good photography of my friend. and I am very happy if you help my own friends. @digdaga

Amazing view brother you're living the life.

beautiful photos, good luck for you

Very lovely landscape there! What is that sweet little tree on your balcony? Thank you for doing this challenge! Glad to see a little bit into the mysterious life of my friend @digdaga :)


That is little bonsai that I picked from the local market in Dubai, oh it is not even real but looks like it. I thank you for nominating me for this challenge as well.

Hi, Awesome photography.. Thanks for sharing. very helpful and informative. Hope you could share some tips about photography blogging. Have a wonderful day.


Thank you, but I am not a professional photographer and I am sure there are many tips out there on the web about this subject to help you improve your skills.


Welcome @digdaga.. I'll follow you advise. thank for sharing. big help. have a great day.

First photo very good for me. Nice shot!

Good friend.
Upvote and resteem

You live in a beautiful place. I think I would spend a lot of time in the pool as well. Have a wonderful day !


I just spent 3 hours today in the pool, being in the water is such a stress reliever and hope you do the same on your vacation.


We r loving being at the pool.

Wow! What a beautiful view!! Thank you for participating in my challenge @digdada! It's so nice to meet you! I'm following you!


Oh, I am glad to meet the person who made the challenge and I appreciate your comment and support.

صورة رائعة يبدو انك تعيش في بلد رائع
اتمني لك كل سعادة


Shukran wa atamna lake kol el sa3ada.

Very nice pictures ,,, I loved that balcony overlooking the pool , i wish for you all the happy forever.
good luck my dear brother @digdaga , all the best for you.