Behind The Photo contest - Winners of Edition #4!

5개월 전

It's again time to announce the winners, this time of the fourth edition of the Behind The Photo contest!

This edition brought us more than 20 entries, which is absolutely stellar!

Even more new users told interesting stories, and we saw some familiar "faces" from the previous editions as well, who had new and captivating stories behind their photos to tell. The quality of the posts were very impressive and the 'story strength' was absolutely through the roof.

In fact, it was so hard to pick the top three, that we couldn't! This has resulted in that we actually have two users who take third place this time. But we thought that it would be unfair to let them split the prize for third, so we decided to double up and give both third prize winners what was stated in the contest announcement.

This contest has continued to grow, and we hope that we can continue to spread the word to get even more people to participate, as well as keep those who return with another entry, interested! If you want to take a look at all the entries, you can look for the #behindthephoto tag, or even better click here. If you like what you see in an entry, consider giving the author a follow and/or a re-steem.

We want to say a BIG thank you to everybody who participated. We know that it's not always an easy task to share stories behind photos, whether they are very personal, or very technical in nature (or both), so we truly value everybody's efforts. Hopefully, you thought it was as fun to create your entries (and look through the other ones), as we though it was reading all the stories behind the photos!

Edition #5 will be launched later this week, so keep an eye out for the #behindthephoto tag, tell all your friends, post a link in your discord servers, spread the word and share the contest in any way you think is appropriate. We have created a STEEM account specifically for this contest, so if you like the contest and want to be notified on your feed, you can give @behindthephoto a follow. @behindthephoto will re-steem all valid entries, so that is a very easy way of following the contest and to find all the entries.

Finally, we want to thank our sponsor @appreciator for helping us with supporting this contest!

Without further ado, below you'll find the winners of edition #4. Until the next edition of Behind The Photo, take care of each other, be safe and be well!

Third places:

Second place:

The long way: a "Behind The Photo" story!

First place:

Unforgettable memories - Behind The Photo Contest Entry

P.S. If you want to see the contest announcement with rules and prizes for this edition, you will find it here.

P.P.S. Prizes will be transferred shortly.

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Prize transfers have been made to all four winners.

Many congratulations to all of you, and we hope to see you in the next edition of Behind The Photo!!!

Wow how wonderful, I did not honestly think I could win, there is a lot of incredible photographic talent around here, I am very happy and grateful that my work and effort have been valued, how great to be part of all this, I hope to continue sharing emotions and stories with everyone, this contest has seemed to me the most phenomenal, I love 'em!



Maravillosa la historia, geniales las fotos y extraordinario ver que un maestro de la guitarra como tú, además de deleitarnos con ese increíble don que tienes, seas capaz de asombrarnos con tu profesionalidad en la fotografía. Felicidades otra vez :)

Hello @nelyp, thank you very much for creating such an interesting contest and thanks to your sponsor @appreciator, a pleasure to have participated, I enjoyed very much the elaboration of my posts and I will be looking forward to the next one.

Congratulations to all the winners and to continue behind the photo.


Muchas gracias, linda. Y por supuesto te esperamos en la próxima edición :)

Thanks a lot for the second place and the price!
Congratulations to all the winners :)


Thanks to you for taking part in our contest!!! Congratulations.

Hello @nelyp,
this is a really great contest you're having. I can't believe I was voted third place out of so many professional entries. I would like to say thank you to everyone and especially to the sponsor @appreciator. I congratulate all the other winners on their success. Thank you very much.


Believe it, because you are there!!! As we always say, this contest is not about the photo itself, but more about the story behind it and I can assure you that yours was a very good one.

Thanks again for taking part and congratulations!!!

Awesome! Congratulations @fotostef, @depot69 and @davidsuarezms.
Thank you so much for 3rd place and the 20 steem!