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Hello!  Did you miss me? I, too!  I'm back with a new batch of projects, so get ready. Today we have Benipal, whose history begins in 2009.

Benipal is a combination of B2B, O2O, B2C, C2C segments in one marketplace. The goal of the developers is a marketplace that will lead in every region of the globe. Despite this, the developers also plan to create a marketplace for old cars, later they plan to enter the logistics sector in Asia and India. In general, the project has enormous goals, which developers can easily achieve. The project will bring huge returns to investors and developers.

Also, developers want to distribute their brand around the world, which guarantees long-term reliability of the project.

The project has been actively developing since 2009. On the site and in Whitepaper there is a roadmap, created very high quality. It contains all the key moments from the life of the project.  In general, the roadmap is top notch.

The company is located on the Virgin Islands, which positively affects the development of cryptocurrencies and crypto businesses.

And now about the token. The name of the project token is WNT. The total amount is 1,000,000,000, it is a huge amount. Soft Cap: US $ 2,000,000

Goal: US $ 20,000,000. The minimum investment is $ 1, which makes it possible to invest not even the richest people, the maximum investment is not limited. Moreover, the price of the token is fixed at 20 cents.

Distribution of tokens: 73% Retained by Company with Time Lock, 13% Founder with Time Lock, 5% Team with Vesting and Cliff, 10% Public Sale. Developers distribute their funds wisely.

Investments, volume of which is more than 100 000 $, require KYC. You must know it.

Distribution of funds: 60% Marketing, 10% Team Building, 15% Technology Enhancement, 10% Office Opening, 5% Call Center.

At the White Paper you can find more detailed information about distribution of funds and tokens. Before investing, it is very useful to know about plans of project.

The important point is that the project did not involve advisors, explaining this by the fact that advisors waste money and create losses. On the one hand, they think right, but on the other they act unreasonably.

I must tell about the founder of the project Sukhbir Benipal. He is very experienced person in finance and blockchain spheres. He gathered very professional team around him, which work 24/7. Before this project, Sukhbir founded several financial firms, that were very successful.

In general, I want to say that the project is very good. The goals that the developers set themselves are very close, and therefore will bring great profit. The development team is very professional, because it can afford to abandon advisors. The platform promotion, the distribution of tokens and received funds are also well thought out. In general, I put the project 12 out of 12, because everything is very well thought out.

That's all, follow my blog and discover new promising projects. I wish good to all!

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