« They » by Benny Wills



Here is a transcript of « They » by Benny Wills:

They are ruthless,
I don't like they are ruthless,
They are heartless,
They don't care about our health,
They are greedy,
They are seedy,
They robbed us of our wealth,
They deceive us,
They mistreat us,
They numb us with TV,
They mislead us,
They disease us,
They say obedience is key,
They put poison in the air,
They put poison in the food supply,
And they tell us that they care,
They engage in endless wars,
They send our sons away to die,
They send our daughters as well now, under equality's disguise,
They peddle pills to millions,
They push debts into the trillions,
They scare us,
They impair us while they carped bomb civilians,
They teach us life is meaningless,
They tell us all is random,
They say have faith in scientists and authority in tandem,
They are ubiquitous,
They are omnipresent,
They control the past from purchase present,
They plot and scheme in secret,
Exploitation is their great achievement,
The puppeteer here invisible all seers,
The profiteeing racketeers of fear,
The cult of death to which mankind adheres ,
They are behind it,

But who is they?

Satanists, Zionists,
Globalists, socialists,
People who script the news,
Freemasons, Disney,
Jesuits, the Vatican,
NASA, Netflix,
The Jews, Bankers,
Aliens, the Clintons,
The Queen, the Rothschilds,
Henri Kissinger, crown Council of 13?

But who are THEY?

It doesn't really mater,
Because the solution to They,
Is We, Us and you and me.

They are pathological,
They are pitiful,
They are diabolical,
They are miserable,
They are wicked beings
Living wickedly

And their punishment is their wickedness!

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