BitShares EOS Chain (BEOS): A middle chain for code and smart contracts running btw. BTS and EOS (eesentially)


The Dan Larimer created BitShares community and tokens.... moving into the EOS ecosystem. Launch day coming

I will be keeping a watch and update series going on this -- if you do not know what #bts / $BTS is -- it is a VERY complex ecosystem of tokens, smart contracts and a lot more created by Dan, years ago, on a Graphene based chain like his Steemit and EOS projects were.

*** There is a RAINFALL coming if you move/stake your BTS to the new chain -- essentially a long running "airdrop" --- more on that soon *****

Please visit the link below for a lot more detail!

BTS has been around for a long time, they are on v. 2.0 now and the move to #eos with their own chain will v. 3.0 and has been discussed for over a year now.

I will keep you posted regularly, with updates and resources!!!

Give Me Liberty.


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