Oil Well Explosion in Rantau Peureulak East Aceh, 10 Killed and Dozens of Burns

4년 전

SR---East Aceh - There was an oil well fire in the village of Pasi Putih, Ranto Peureulak Subdistrict on Wednesday (25/4/2018) at around 1:30 am in the morning. According to the data received Mustitu.com from Pusdalops-PB, BPBD Aceh Timur, Wednesday (25/4/2018) at 11.00 am

Information received from one of the residents in Gampong pasi putih, that approximately Wednesday, April 25, 2018, approximately 24.00 wib has been out of oil from a well drilled traditionally owned by one of the local residents.

The well puts out oil and gas and at the same time comes a group of citizens to take the oil out in a leles way. As for a group of people who are looking for crude oil amounted to more than 10 (ten) people.

The purpose and purpose of the residents who come to the location to take the oil spill is not accommodated and after some time exactly at 01.30 wib there was an explosion that caused a fire, the cause of the fire until now unknown.

According to data received Mustitu.com burn victims,

  1. M. Yani (Pute Puteh)
  2. Radiati (Pute Puteh)
  3. M. Pisal (Old Bhom)
  4. Akbar (Old Bhom)
  5. M. Ridwan (Puteh Puteh)
  6. Zainuddin (Leugeu)
  7. Muksalmina (Alue Rambong)
  8. Mahyuddin (Pasi Puteh)
  9. M. Yusuf (Pasi Puteh)
  10. Heri Herliza (Paya Palas)
  11. Umar Hamzah (Beusa Meuranoe)
  12. M. Faisal Rizal (Peudawa)
  13. Muhammad Rafi (Alue Two) was referred to the RSU. Langsa
  14. Mukhlis (Alue Bu) is referred to the RSU. Zubir Mahmud Idi
  15. Zainal Abidin (Pasi Puteh) was referred to the RSU. Langsa
  16. Hafifuddin (Old Bhom)
  17. Saiful (Alue Udep)
  18. M. Husein (Lubok pempeng)
  19. Sariyulis (Teumpeun)

The loss of material from the disaster as many as 5 (five) units of burned houses burned, belonging to:

  1. Siti Hafisah, (75) IRT, address duson Bakti, Pasi Putih Village Subdistrict Ranto Peureulak

  2. Zainabah, (85) IRT, duson Bakti, Pasi Putih Village the same sub district.

  3. Ridwan Hutabarat / Buyung (45) self-employed, duson Bakti, Desa Pasi Putih.

  4. Mariani, (60), IRT, duson Bakti, Pasi Putih village in the same sub district.

  5. Muhamad Yanis (45), self-employed, duson Bakti, Pasi Putih village, same sub-district

While the death toll 10 (ten) people obtained identity,

  1. Nazarullah (30), a resident of Pasi Putih village, Rantau Peureulak sub-district

  2. Afrizal (35), Punti Payong village resident of the same District

  3. Era bin M. Siddiq (32), a resident of Pasi Putih village in the same sub district

  4. Siti Hafizah (70), a resident of Pasi Putih village in the same sub district

  5. Mak Wen (55), a resident of Bhom Lama village of the same District

  6. Nini bin Abdul Wahab (32), the same village of Bhom Lama Subdistrict

  7. Riska Ardiansyah, a resident of Pasi Putih village

  8. Eridansyah, a resident of Alue Dua village

  9. Sudariyono, a resident of Alue Batee village

  10. Son Zubir, a resident of Bhom Lama village

After the fire of the oil well, Kalak BPBD Aceh Timur mobilized 4 (four) units of Damkar fleet and assisted by TNI, Police, Rapid Reaction Team (TRC) to extinguish and provide protection to the community around the fire location

The last condition this morning, the body that has been evacuated from the location of the incident as many as 10 bodies and still constrained in the evacuation process because the fire has not succeeded in extinguish. The bodies of victims burned down to puskemas Ranto Peureulak and the wounded have been referred to Zubir Mahmud General Hospital, Idi Rayeuk, Graha Bunda Hospital, Idi Rayeuk and RSU. Sultan Abdul Azis Shah, Peureulak.

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