The Mystery of Shrinking The Size Of The Human Body Starting From The Prophet Adam Up To Now, Why?

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SR---It has been narrated that the size of the first human body on earth is 30 meters. He is the FATHER of all human beings namely Prophet Adam AS. This discussion is motivated by the suggestion of one of the companions should be asked to discuss the size of the prophets which until now is still a mystery.

The question must appear in our mind as human servant of Allah SWT. As it should be quoted from http: // inidiamesteripedia.blogspot. , in the hadith narrated by Bukhari, the Messenger of Allah said that Allah has made Adam with a height of 60 cubits. In our measure 60 cubits is equal to 30 meters, for one cubit is equal to half a meter. The biggest question is why does the size of the human body shrink? A source states that the height of man in the world today if averaged only 1.5 meters. Is it true?

To answer that, there are two answers that explain the phenomenon of the shrinking of the human body, the first based on scientific explanation and the second by the nature of God's Wisdom. Let's discuss one by one as follows:
First Based on Scientific Explanations.


A study from Hebrew University conducted by Dr. Shlomi Lesser in a journal entitled Ha-Mada Ha-Yisraeli B'Angleet V'lvreet states that if the average human height as it is today then the human height should be 90 feet. The size of 1 foot equals 30.48 cm if multiplied by 90 feet equals 27.43 meters and if rounded equal to 30 meters. This scientific fact as well as adding evidence of the authenticity of the hadith of the prophet we mentioned earlier that explains that the height of Prophet Adam is 30 meters.

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Mentioned again that human experience shrinking body size called genetic bottleneck . Depreciation is caused by nutritional factors and gene factors. Had there been no breakthrough in the field of nutrition in the 17th and 18th centuries, undoubtedly the present man is shorter than the present average heights.

Second Based on Explanations of the Wisdom Nature of Allah Swt.
Next is an explanation of the nature of God's Wisdom. All these scientific explanations are in tandem with the Wisdom of Allah. Why does Allah make the human body shrink?

Currently the total human population in the world is about seven billion. If a human as much as the size of a giant like Prophet Adam first then the food crisis will occur everywhere, because the logic is the greater the human body the more intake of food needed. Therefore, God Almighty makes human beings smaller as now.
It is a form of love and love of God Almighty to all mankind. In order that the earth is not full and crowded with gigantic human beings, then God minimizes the size of our human body.

Formerly in the time of Prophet Adam and his early followers, humans were large because the earth was still loose and human populations were few. But however the size of the human body is not something important. Small or large remains human. The great ancient man, his equal standing with Allah with the smaller man now, who distinguishes the glory of man is his piety to Allah SWT.


Companions should be, if calculated mathematically what is the size of the high shrinkage per year starting from the Prophet Adam? To find out we need a benchmark of height and time.

The initial benchmark is Adam's height of 30 meters and the height of man is now an average of 1.5 meters. Actually every country in the world is different, the average height there are 1.7 and 1.6 but we take the smallest average is 1.5 meters. This calculation will also reveal the height of other prophets.

The second benchmark is time. It is said that the Prophet Adam descended to the earth at 7,555 years ago. This figure has been added to the age of the year of Hijriah which is 1400 years. This is because it is said that historians argue that the time span between Prophet Adam and the Prophet Muhammad is 6.155 years. If referring to this number then we will get the data as follows:

Height of the Prophet Adam 30 m = (30,000 mm (height of Prophet Adam) - 1,500 mm (height of man now)) / 7.555 years (the time span of Adam's time to the present) = 28.500 mm / 7.555 = 3.77 mm / year. Thus, according to this calculation the human height shrank 3.77 mm / year since the time of Prophet Adam. If so then we will get the height measure body of the prophets next. For example the Prophet Noah as a difference of 1240 years with the Prophet Adam. Then it can be calculated how high the body of Noah. Namely: 30,000 mm - (3.77 mm x 1.240) = 30,000 mm - 4,678.8 = 25,321.2 mm or rounded to 25 meters. Thus, the height of Noah was 25 meters.

For example, how high is the Prophet Ibrahim? It is said that the difference between Prophet Ibrahim and Noah is 2,200 years. Thus, 30,000 mm - (3.77 mm x (2,200 + 1,240) = 30,000 - (3,77 x 3,440) = 30,000 - 12,968.8 = 17,031.2 mm or rounded to 17 meters so the height of Prophet Ibrahim is roughly 17 meters For the next companion you can calculate it yourself Here is the time span of the antarnabi after Prophet Abraham Between Abraham and Moses 900 years Between 500 years of Moses Between 1.200 years of David and the Antara of Isa Muhammad 620 years.


The calculation of human height shrinkage per year is just as a picture and certainly not a sure truth. For indeed the height of the former man and the Prophets is still a mystery. Even the matter of the time of Prophet Adam down to earth was still much debate. There is also a saying that Prophet Adam descended to Earth about 200,000 years ago, of course this figure is very far from the calculations we have discussed above.


Companions must be wise, need to be reminded calculations of human height depreciation is just a picture. The height of the prophet we have predicted with numbers may not be true in size. But surely, the height of the man is shrinking and the height of the Prophet Adam is true about 30 meters because this is already mentioned in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad. Allah SWT has the best reason why the human body is shrinking because His plan is always the most powerful and unmatched. Similarly, how high is the size of the prophets only Allah is the Knower.

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