memory tahun lalu di tenda sebelahku

4년 전


ingin rasa nya kembali lagi menggunakan keril 10 liter di atas pundak dan mendaki gunung bersama teman teman. poto ini di ambil sekitar tahun 2015 saat kami melakukan trip ke gunung merbabu tepatnya awal bulan ramadhan. rindu rasanya berbuka puasa di atas gunung. nikmat menunggu adzan berbuka sambil menikmati senja tenggelam. untuk pendaki mari kita sama sama menjadi pencinta alam bukan penikmat alam, agar penerus kita dapat menikmati keindahan alam. SALAM LESTARI.

want his taste back again using keril 10 liters on the shoulders and climbing the mountain with friends. this photo was taken around the year 2015 when we make a trip to merbabu volcano precisely the beginning of ramadan. missed breaking the fast on the mountain. favors waiting for the fasting prayer while enjoying the dusk of drowning. for climbers let us equally become nature lovers not nature lovers, so that our successors can enjoy the beauty of nature. SALAM LESTARI.


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Somehow reminds me "Dune" book of Frank Herbert


World of sands where is water is live and currency... I thought everyone knew this epic novels o_O
Maybe water + hood +sands combined imagination, donno )


sorry maybe I'm the one who is less to find out about this famous novel haha ​​Btw Thankyou my brother


thankyou sweety
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regards @danarlutfi

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beautiful photograph story within an image

Photo is like a frame from a movie!