After the talks with the United States, the Taliban's major attack on the Afghan military base, killed many soldiers

2년 전

Kabul: Taliban peace talks on the one side for peace process in Afghanistan, on the one side, civil war continues in Afghanistan, according to the latest reports, the Taliban attacked the military base in Afghanistan, resulting in 20 Afghan soldiers Have died
According to details, Afghan officials say the Taliban attacked a Afghan base camp in Kunduz city of Afghanistan, resulting in 20 soldiers, and 18 Taliban were killed in the operation of Afghan forces. Afghan officials said that the Taliban What was the attack last night?

Clearly, there was a consensus on the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan in the peace talks between the Taliban and the United States, but the Taliban refused to cease until the deadline of US withdrawal.5a5607a805e17f69b18105d777443139.jpg

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