SEach of these favorite foods quickly expects the risk of death

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Use of nausea nutrients may prove to be known for your life.
This is a medical study in France.
Paris The research of Sobron University has been told that eating white bread, burgers, pizza, biscuit, french fries, chips, soft drinks and cakes etc. can reduce the life of many years of life.
Research on middle-aged people near 45 thousand was discovered that there is a connection between diseases, cancer and other life-related diseases and western nutrients.
The research further states that these foods often cause pre-habitat death.
Researchers say that the use of these nutrients increased the risk of death from different diseases in the next 8 years by 14 percent.

Early medical research reports have shown that fatty fats that are very low, increase blood pressure and risk of cancer, but it is the first thing that when their use of risk and death Reviewed
Researchers said that these nutritious nutrients contain many ingredients such as fat, fatty fatty, adder sugar and other, which increase risk of life-threatening diseases on long-term basis.
The results of this research were published in the Medical Journal Jammu Intelligence Medicine, during which researchers distributed 3 different food ingredients into 4 groups according to processing.images.jpg

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