Selfie in park and nature Challenge, Selfie in nature, Selfie Mania, 7 days 3 sbd challenge, Day 6 - NEW SELFIE CHALLENGE

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Here is my entry to selfie in park and nature of Steemschools which is hosted by @flysky.

This selfie was taken in Safari park, Gazipur. It was mind blowing place to visit. I wandered with my family and the journey was so enjoyable. There were many amazing things seen by us. In the park we arrived by bus to see the view of the jungle and it was like real jungle full of animals.


There were games to play, watch movies, animals to find in jungle, and many more. This was really very a great day for passing holiday with family. We just enjoyed a lot and want to go this place once again. I always love to share this memory with all.

The rules in below:


Post your selfie with nature
Collect all selfies if all your friends in your post and or in your comments
Post with biggest number of selfies of all your friends will win
7 day challenge , 3 sbd

You can also participate this contest and to know more click the link.

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Thank you... 😊

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It's the fantastic photography.
Keep sharing please.


Thank you so much 😊

Great option to see u with the nature.,keep it up


Yeah I love to be with nature. Thank you dear 😊

Amazing vivid colors! Im not sure ive seen lovely eyes like yours!


Thank you so much 😊

Nice picture .


So gorgeous! 😍