Betting Bot is Here! Predict Winner of the Game and earn SBD

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Hey Steemians!

BetGames bot is here for you to play and earn SBD's for betting games!

Every Couple of days we will post one game which could be soccer, cricket, american football etc.


Are you excited?

images.jpgHow can you make SBD by betting games?

  • Follow @betgames
  • Check out daily post on which game we are going to bet on?
    -Bot will post one game per day max
  • As soon as bot posts the game on our page, you go ahead and decide which team you want to bet on
  • Send 1 SBD to @betgames with option name of the team on which you want to bet for the posted game
  • You can send multiple times, but at a time don't send more than 1 SBD
  • Bot will split the losers amount with winner equally, and bot will charge 10% fee from the total amount received as a service fee
  • You can not bet game once the game starts, if you do send by mistake your amount will be refunded.
  • if the game ends in no result, bot will refund you SBD
  • The results will be posted in another post with winners and screenshot of payout!
  • Any wrong bet amount will be refunded by the Bot. Please send only 1 SBD at one time

Are you ready to bet games and earn SBD daily???



What will you earn?
Winners will get SBD's from losers distributed equally among winners.(10% fee will be subtracted from total)

Example :

Scenario 1( winners get high profit):

if 100 people bet in total. Say 25 people bet on team A and 75 people bet on team B.
And lets say team A ends up winning.

Total Received amount=100SBD
Fund After Subtracting 10% Fee=90SBD

In this case BetGame bot will pay every winner = 3.6 SBD ( which is 90 SBD divided by 25 winners )

Scenario 2: (winners get low profit)

Example :

if 100 people bet in total. Say 25 people bet on team A and 75 people bet on team B.
if team B ends up winning.

Total Received amount=100SBD
Fund After Subtracting 10% Fee=90SBD

In this case BetGame bot will pay every winner = 1.2 SBD ( 90 divided by 75 people) i.e 0.2SBD profit.

Scenario 3: (Winners don't get profit or loss)

If 100 people bet and 100 people win your bet amount will be refunded without subtracting fee

Also if winners to losers ratio is very high and if that makes the deduction of fee makes your total winning amount go below 1 SBD then No fee will be deducted. We make sure winners always receive anything>=1SBD

*** No matter what Winners of bet will never get any loss ***

Play a bet and see how your fortune changes!!

Our first betting game is posted here:

Please don't forget to resteem and upvote this post!

Join our discord channel:


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Whoa, this is interesting. Let the bet begin! :)

It nice toake people who are good in this happy

thank you nice topic

You might be onto something here

Saludos desde Venezuela, que bueno ver nuevos usuarios en Steemit.

will work with FIFA World Cup?


Yes, we will add Fifa next. We don't want to keep betting every day. Rather give people time to breath and once we are done with Game 1 , we will announce next game. We will keep interesting matches for betting. We also want to make sure every game we post the two sides have somewhat equal chance of winning so that its not too obvious who will win.

Everybody on steemit are welcome to nominate next game on comments, we will take your inputs.

Happy betting,


Greaat, thanks a lot <3

this is interesting

lets play )))

Keren bnget

Welcome to Steem, @betgames!

I am a bot coded by the SteemPlus team to help you make the best of your experience on the Steem Blockchain!
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excellent! you have to play

You got a 16.49% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @betgames!

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Ohhh very exited, lets play

Nifty, tipuvote! :)

  ·  3년 전

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Nice game

Wow.. This is interesting. I'm betting right now.

Absolutely amazing! :O :O :O

More ways for me to get addicted into gambling again.


Here you have more chances of winning as you are not betting against the owners of the bot, rather you bet against your fellow steemians. So there is no house edge like that in a casinos. Either you win or your fellow steemian wins.

When you play with gamabling sites house always wins, when you play against other fellow steemians one of you always wins!

Happy betting!


???? win or lose...YOU win!

Betting bots hmmmm.

I don't understand why anyone who is into crytpo (those who have diversified portfolios) would bet. Investing in crytpo is already betting and if you've done your research properly, your odds are much more in your favor than sports betting. I used to bet on sports, then I found crypto. Have fun losing your SBD people! :)


Because its their choice. Playing the percentages and buying and selling odds on betting exchanges is no different to playing any other market. Have fun losing you respect person! :-)

Wow, very interesting betting game. Haha I'm so excited.



Semangat untuk mengikuti nya

Thanks for sharing... Let's play... :-)

Wow, this is a very interesting project. I will try it. Good luck for all.

Interesthing post

Posted using Partiko Android

Very interesting! Great idea I'm follow that. 😎

@betgames, I gave you an upvote on your first post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return!

Please also take a moment to read this post regarding bad behavior on Steemit.

This is actually interesting . What is the minimum that i can send ?


you have to send exactly 1 SBD at a time. If you want to bet more, you can send 1 SBD multiple times. Any wrong amount will be refunded.

Happy betting,

We have selected your post for our top 10.

I liked a lot about this kind of game. I am willing to play this game, how can I join?

Hi guys ..if you want follower join me and get follower qlso visit my dtube account
@ Teamunique


are you serious?

Wow! I am very excited about betgame. Very good and exceptional idea ever.

Like rain falling money 'hit him' hopefully begutu success.

this is a really cool idea

@betgames If there is a draw?


for draw/no result the bet amount will be refunded completely

Happy betting,

This looks interesting!Keep up the good work Boss @betgames

WOh let's play I am in

Keren bnget

Welcome to Steemit, betgames! Best wishes for a very prosper journey here in this culturally diversified yet mostly unified community :) Enjoy this journey!

By the way, there are several groups you as a newcomer can join. They will stay with you for your journey, helping and mentoring along the way.

@greetersguild invite link
@newbieresteemday invite link

cool ! I will try

aye!! very nice. Can't wait to start.

I like all of this - besides the fact that a 10 % fee is twice what many bookmakers take. I feel that with > 5%, ideally >3%, you would have a service that could blow traditional bookmakers out of the waters


Hi @citizenkane,

we really appreciate your suggestion, the fee is kept 10% here is to to cover marketing expense and developers expense. And good thing here for users are that this is completely transparent via steemit platform transaction history and no house advantage like that of gambling games. Here players bet against each other. Not against the owners of the bot.

Winners will get SBD's from losers distributed equally among winners.(10% fee will be subtracted from total)

Example :

if 100 people bet in total. Say 25 people bet on team A and 75 people bet on team B.
And lets say team A ends up winning.

Total Received amount=100SBD
Fund After Subtracting 10% Fee=90SBD

In this case BetGame bot will pay every winner = 3.6 SBD ( which is 90 SBD divided by 25 winners )

Happy betting,

Awesome!!! This is so cool @betgames!!!

Very interesting ! i'll try

Friend @betgames from #Venezuela I want to tell you that your work will reach a high level in the #steemit community. Remember that the most important thing is to feel confident about what you do and the only way to do it by loving what you do, regardless of the money ... If you have not looked for it yet, keep looking ... Without further ado, there is nothing to say that evolves and improves in what you do friend ... From here of #Venezuela I will always support it;)

I bet you game!)

Very interesting but with no set lines the risk may not be worth the reward. Is there any way to be transparent with how much money has been wagered on each side?


You can always check live wagered amount on our wallet for that info. However, we also post the wagered info on our home page updated every 3 to 6 hours.
Happy betting,

I upvote and follow you please return back

I'm want to try it . Please show example case.


Check out the first betting game post:

Start betting before time runs out!


This is my first time here..... But am happy and exciting
Bravo @betgames

I'll try this soon. Still don't have 1SBD :-)

Interesting topic, I will check if it is good to make bets, it is additive, but maybe win, is trying, playing and winning, THANK YOU for sharing!

Welcome to steemit, we hope to learn a lot from you, I continue to hope that you too, success

I honestly think this will never work.

Throwing the idea out there: Betting on League of Legends.


This is definitely something we would consider for future if there are enough players interested in it!

Betting is a risk.. Even The Bookmakers advice that you gamble responsibly.. The choice is yours..

Interesting, it is seen that it is a good option to generate more income but it could be counterproductive, in the same way you have to try, because you can win, luck be with the players, success with this new initiative!

very nice !!

wow sounds good. i will bet to. so lets start

It is the first time I see such a post on Steemit. I hope I will be successful, I will promote you @betgames as much as I can.

It`s so interesting, we need to pay atention to the scenaries, and evertime we need do it yhinking in sake of fun and no just in the money

I am a new user and already finds this intriguing. With a bit of experience i will for sure join this Bet

I actually had a similar idea a while back (but with a different twist). Good luck!

Question who runs this service?

Is it ran by a trusted community member?

Great !!! Thanks for getting this article out - been looking for something like this

Congratulations @betgames!
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Betgames this post is excellient. Thank you so much for published. Take care my friend...

Bueno el apostar es malo.. pero de nada me cuesta apostar un poco...

Great sounds fun :)

I really appreciate your suggestion.
Follow upvote me @mahfuz4242

LOL.... What a bullshit options

it looks a good offer but removing 10% of every stake seems a too much. not a fan of betting tho

I used to bet on the outcome of a game once with a girl.

I lost.

Decided to never do a bet again unless I am 100% sure that I win.

Sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for offering this service. Will take a look for sure.

Quite an interesting game seems to me

You should consider adding ESports matches or something to this as I don't really partake in watching traditional sports. I'm sure a few can relate.


Yes please join our discord channel and provide your recommendations, we will consider all user inputs ! Thank you

Hello! The company has great prospects and I want to become a friend to do more ;