My Dialysis Went Well Because I Ate A Little While Hooked-up


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I am satisfied with my treatment session thanks be to God because I was able to finish my treatment session. I tried to finish off my energy drink and it is hard to drink it if you are really not thirsty to begin with.

I am just drinking my energy drink because of its added Caffeine which suppose to stabilize my blood pressure. The annoying thing is that I tend to get thirsty when I am near my end of treatment time where I do not want to really even move my arms for risking that my blood pressure would plunge which happens in many occasions because it is the instance where my BP is at its lowest and I am always barely hanging-on just for me to be able to finish my dialysis.

But today I just decided to eat some small portion of my food, thankfully one of my nurses assisted me in halving my food and saving it maybe later this day. It is because I am not really hungry as I had eaten some food prior to going at the center.

I just forced myself to eat so that my heart would pump a bit more harder and thus stabilizing my blood pressure more rather than plunging again and making me unable to finish my essential blood-cleaning needs.

Well it worked and I reckon that my story would have been like in my previous session so i am happy to survive dialysis today. I thought that I might experience a near blacking-out again because I am already feeling unwell with my neck which is a sign that my heart is struggling. But because I had changed my routine this time it resulted in a better outcome for me, I even went out with a lower weight compared in my previous dialysis session which is nice for a change.

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