The Diary Game: Oct. 22, 2020: The Car That I Also Wanted To Buy In The Future: Toyota Corolla




Our car that we use now which is actually not our but from my brother is way too old already and must be replaced. It is just my brother told us that a car is not a good investment to have since it depreciates every year.

I remember my professor in my College years had told in one of his classes why some rich people have a new car year by year. It is because of the reason that a car really depreciates per year, so the wealthy people would sell their car maybe one very other year or every one or two years and buy another one with the money get plus additional money to buy another new one, that is how they do it.

But for people that has some other priorities like in my case, we rather just fix the car and make it run for our purposes. Unfortunately my brother is not planning to buy one neither do I because of my health priorities and also I am planning to renovate this house if I would have the extra funs for it, but both of these plans and goals are just at the end of my list to do because I just have to stick to my health priorities.

But given the opportunity to buy a car I would like to purchase a Toyota Corolla Sedan Car simply because it is one of the thriftiest in terms of gas consumption and it does last.

Cars like the above photo is really comfortable to ride into unlike our Toyota Tamaraw FX model 1995 which hurts my back because of its faulty and old suspension system and I would have to support my body with my arms more often to help me endure every little bump on the road which happen to not absorbed by the supposed shock absorber or suspension of the car.

But my plan remains to buy a car only if I have some extra fund and one of the cars that I am eying to buy are Toyotas because of the aforementioned reasons.

spinning car red.gif


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Let'ss stick to the Health is wealth plan and not car is wealth till health stablize and than enjoy in new car with good health.
#onepercent #india #affable


Yes because hospitals and dialysis centers will not accept a leaf for a payment, I just have to prioritize what my body needs afterall I am not going anywhere much but from and to the dialysis center anyway @drqamu

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Nice choice of cars.