The Diary Game: Oct. 23, 2020: It My Dialysis Moment Again Tomorrow Morning At 5:30 AM And Still Contemplating If I Would Eat While Hooked-up



I am quite excited again to get cleaned-out with my blood tomorrow morning. The last treatment session on Wednesday was satisfactorily good even though I wasn't able to finish it but the effect on my body is still very good.

I do not know if I would like to eat while hooked-up because I am having a hard time spooning-out my food which is just some fried meat with gravy and some rice but on a soft bowl made out of paper.

I really do not want to take the assistance of my nurses even though some are willing to assist me. But because I am embarrassed because of my appearance I just like to do it my way because I can still manage but with difficulty.

That is why I am eating while laying down and I use my legs covered by blanket to shield my face from the sight of the nurses which are just right on my feet and in that way I will not be seen eating.

The bad thing is that I would eat prior to my session so it spoils my appetite and I do not want to eat anymore while hooked-up and I would just feel that I am hungry if I am already eating if I didn't eat prior. But before the session if I had eaten some food then I will not get the urge to eat.

Near the end of the session my blood pressure would fall most of the time even though I just sucked many candies for that matter. They say that it was a low blood sugar but I guess that many factors are playing-out there like a low blood sodium or even maybe high potassium level in my blood.

But I think that if I would get hungry or my mother offered me to eat I might just eat even though I do not like to eat inside the treatment area of the dialysis center. It just sucked that the caregivers and relatives of the patients are not allowed anymore in the treatment area even though they would just have to assist in feeding their lovedones.

But that changed maybe because of the order of the department of health so now it was the nurses on duty that would do that now for the patients while the relatives are outside waiting for the dialysis session of their patients to end.

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