The Diary Game Season 3 Better Life:Human-induced flooding

5개월 전

So rain is it a gift or a disaster?


Even though God has said in His holy book, He created rain and it will be stored on earth.

But if there is no place to store it it will flow to low places. If the asphalt has cement running, where is it stored? He didn't find a way. We hope that in this way our environment will be green;

However, once you get a good one, ask to build a villa, rent it out, and don't even think about planting trees. So it's no surprise that this is our environment.

Trees are felled, new trees are planted that are not waterproof. So when it rains, floods, and finally landslides. And the loser isn't just the cause of the damage, it's everything.



(My photo while crossing the flood that filled the yard)

God sends rain as a grace and a source of life for all nature. But sometimes the arrival of high enough rainfall makes it difficult for humans to control it. As a result, floods like the one that occurred earlier this year are proof that humans must learn more to understand unpredictable nature.

The floods that hit large parts of Aceh and various other regions in Indonesia must be evaluated without exception. The behavior of littering must be stopped, while other solutions such as creating water catchment areas must be maximized.

In the Koran, we know that many verses tell about the occurrence of floods in ancient times not only because of environmental factors caused by human activity but because they neglect the pleasure of Allah. As it says in Surah Hud verse 101: Meaning: And We do not persecute them but they are the ones who persecute themselves, because there is no use for them to worship which they call except Allah SWT, when the punishment of your Lord comes. And prayer does not add to them but only destruction.

This verse is a warning to humans to always be grateful for the blessings of Allah SWT. This form of gratitude can be expressed in words and actions such as not littering, encouraging reforestation, increasing water absorption, and so on.

Caring for and loving nature as the example above is actually a human obligation because it has been ordered by Allah SWT.

Allah says:
Meaning: And don't destroy the earth, after (Allah SWT) fix it and pray to Him with fear (it will not be accepted) and hope (will be granted). Indeed, Allah's grace is very close to those who do good. (Surah Al-A'raf verse 56)

This verse shows that disasters such as floods can be anticipated of course by human efforts to protect nature. Through this verse, Allah also promises to improve nature if there is an effort to improve it from humans. He also reminded that humans must always take care of it and pray to Him.

Thus, there are two things that must be used as guidelines for humans so that the floods that have now hit various places do not happen again as they are today.

First, we as humans must always take care of nature and make the best use of God's grace.

Second, draw closer to Allah so that when the flood comes and we try to anticipate it, we will always be under His protection.

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