European Championships Betting Challenge Day 6 Bets



Day 4 Recap

Scotland v Czech Republic Prediction Scotland win and 1-0

Result Czech Republic win and 0-2

Poland v Slovakia Prediction draw and 0-0

Result Slovakia win and 1-2

Spain v Sweden Prediction draw and 2-2

Result draw and 0-0 Return 414 TRX

We only got one result correct.

Wednesday we have 3 games

Finland v Russia
Turkey v Wales
Italy v Switzerland

Finland v Russia

Finland have the win and Russia looked poor, have gone with a 1-1 draw.

Finland v Russia draw 100 @3.56
Correct score 1-1 25 @7.02

Turkey v Wales

Turkey were woeful and I think Wales will win this easily.

Turkey v Wales Wales win 100 @3.26
Correct score 0-2 25 @13.9

Italy v Switzerland

Italy look very impressive probably the best team so far in the tournament so another convincing win.

Italy v Switzerland Italy win 100 @1.64
Correct score 3-0 25 @11.4

Starting Bank 7,500
Betting Bank 6,878 - 375 + 414
New Bank 6,917 TRX

5 results outstanding

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