Dead as BetScorum…

26일 전

Why is a doornail dead? Who killed it? Why is an expression “Dead as a Doornail” a common idiom in English, when we have a better one that is perfectly clear without further need for explanations? You already know that one: “Dead as BetScorum!


O’Brian? I mean, Oh, really? Let Betman show you what is happening at BetScorum

No games-2019-11-14_101309.jpg

You see? You can go deep as much as you like, there’s nothing there. It’s dead. Dead as a parrot. Dead as Jeffrey Epstein. Yesterday evening, it was still giving a signs of life − it was spitting blood…

Not again-2019-11-14_101418.jpg

The younger among remaining Scorum membership might not remember the infamous “Back to the Future 4” (BTTF4) bug, − hey, it was back in February − but there is the developing team to remind us again. There were four games in the offer, and the BetScorum’s Deus ex Machina managed to get right only one of those four! Let’s look at them for the pure funeral fun… guess that’s why it is called FUNeral:

19:00 CET: CD Becerril vs. Urraca CF 1:0

Becerril won, but the X2 odds were rewarded as a win!

19:00 CET: Tolosa CF vs. CD Pontellas 1:0

This game BetScorum’s Deus ex Machina nailed dead… if we can say so.

20:00 CET: Comillas CF vs. CD Barquereno 1:1

This game was finished draw, went into overtime and penalties, and BetScorum’s Deus ex Machina registered the penalties result, 4:3, as an official one! Phenomenal job!

20:00 CET: CD El Alamo vs. CD Pedroneras 2:1

El Alamo won 2:1, and BetScorum’s Deus ex Machina exhaled its last breath recording it as another win for the X2 odds…

What can you say after all this brilliant mess? Goodbye?

Well, it’s certainly not a good buy anymore!

Find it all out at Scorum

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