It is Going Up!

2년 전

You may believe Betman or not, but something very unusual happened in the weaving of the Universe — SCR is jumping! 50% overnight! Was that because of the brilliant actions of developing team at Scorum and BetScorum? Looks rather like the “brilliant” action of the FED team…

You see, if you want to predict some outcome, the best way is to follow trend. Betman used it extensively to predict football outcomes and SCR value alike. Very powerful tool for betting. And only the big arses from the financial institutions can make gross deviations in the mathematical models of prediction. And also in the Betman’s improved hyperpessimistic model of prediction. So, what they have done? Well, if you didn’t hear it already, they have again started to print fiat like there’s no tomorrow…

Stop the press-3eedta.jpg

You may expect it — Bitcoin announced everything with its overnight jump over $2000, and even Scorum followed! It has jumped from $0.00422855 to $0.00661610. You see what one scared billionaire can do with crypto markets? We still don’t know who he is, but it was a time for that famous P&D scheme after the long fall…

What the scr-3eee7w.jpg

Before you start celebrating and think how all those Doubting Thomases will learn the HODL rule hard way…

Don’t be a fool-3eefon.jpg

…have in mind the TREND. This is only one big aberration in the trend. As it has gone up, tomorrow it can go down again. Get a grip. As soon as big fish read Betman’s (not that phony clown that is so eager for the piece of Betman’s glory) text, they are going to start buying bitcoin… that is, if they can find some exchange who would buy so much SCR. And the trend will return to the mean.
With a current trend of developing the BetScorum platform, there is only one chance in hell that SCR will continue to grow, and that will be…

…if FED arses continue printing fiat like rabid!


Oooops! Looks like Betman has gone too deep with the analysis this time!

Find it all out at Scorum

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