[PeerPlays] Edited Segment of The Beyond Bitcoin Hangouts

3년 전

Edited for

November 11th 2016

Listen To The PeerPlays Hangout Now!

Sports Betting from Anywhere in the World!

Peerplays™ introduces the next generation of sports betting - where anyone can become a bookie. There is are no central servers where betting takes place - but rather all bets and trades are made over the peer-to-peer network. With Peerplays™, you can wager on sporting events from anywhere in the world without restrictions, and all payouts are guaranteed by the blockchain.

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You should begain to share more 👍

Not sure why only half of this post is showing up? My templates I posted previously work w/o issues. Guess Steemit is bugged.

yours is very beatifull. i liked your pots. and I am happy following your blog

Great post

Beautiful posting for November 11th 2016..
I like it @ajvest

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I didn't know you had a podcast )

True love your page bro 👍👍👍👍👍