Beyond Bitcoin Milestone Map | 2018

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1. and Host: Betty Stunner

We are now approaching 600 subscribers on the way to 1000! We are also including Betty Stunner to our weekly segments for a recap of Beyond Bitcoin. She's excited to talk about Blockchain stuff lol

Host: Betty Stunner


2. The website and Crypto The Cartoons

The website is 95% ready to start selling merchandise (shirts, books, school supplies, backpacks) for our cartoon series "Crypto". We are also almost done with the full length episode titled "The Story Of Bitcoin". These episodes will premiere exclusively on Beyond Bitcoin as we are in partnership. :)

3. Beyond Bitcoin 19 City Worldwide Tour

We are set to launch multiple meetup events around the world to tell the world about EOS and showcase other clients on the platform. Dates to be announced on Beyond Bitcoin.

This Is The EOS Meetup Infographic Video We Contributed

4. Beyond Bitcoin ATM/Future EOS ATM Prototype (video)

We have recently completed a working proof of concept that we are going to take on tour to prove usability and security before we unveil as an ICO. We are currently upgrading the ATM outer shell and creating cool molds and displays to dress up these cool ATM's. Thank you @ismaelcantu 

5. Facebook and Twitter Pages Are Running With Ad Campaigns

Follow us on these pages in order to get the latest on Beyond Bitcoin.

Our ad campaign has been running so efficiently that we've been able to get our ads for close to nothing at all!! ALMOST FREE!! WE'VE GOTTEN OUR ADS FOR 1 PENNY EACH!!! THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL OF MARKETING PEOPLE!! This was just the first day in this screenshot!!


This Is The Ad Currently Running

6.  The Video Games For Android/IPhone

We are now finished creating the "Crypto Crush" game and adding leaderboards to connect to Open Ledger so winners can recieve cryptocurrency for their high scores. We have added many news coins like Beyondbits, Expanse, Ripple, Stellar, and cool powerups! Our priority after this is the "Super Crypto" adventure game where you get to explore this 2D "super mario" style levels in order to achieve crypto greatness..VERY EXCITING AND INNOVATIVE!!!!

"Super Crypto" (Video Of Development)


Big shout out to @OfficialFuzzy for believing in me and allowing me to grow within his community. I identified with his vision of Beyond Bitcoin and we immediately started building. He stated, "If you bring me value, I will reward you." He kept his promise and now were working on multiple projects together and he is creating a new chain for and thank you to @mrwang for bringing me into the crypto world and showing me the ropes. He has some exciting news to announce also and we look forward to always setting the bar to encourage the new blockchain leaders to always provide value in a world that rewards it. Thank you. :)

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Wow. So many exciting things going on. Come to wisconsin (when the weather gets better).


will do!

Congrats on your channels growth and upcoming tour!

Super Cool! Lot's of things coming together this year. Thanks for all your efforts in ramping up the BeyondBitcoin live steams - that was a huge help.


your the man

Good job, you managed to get me excited for something I didn't know was a thing!
Bit crush and super crypto ?! Just too perfect.
Keep up the great effort!


crypto crush is currently on android and iphone as beta but will be rolling out in the following weeks with a cartoon campaign

This is great to come across information talking about the future of a few different giants of the crypto world. Thanks a lot, it brought more light to the situation!

Namaste :)

While I'm not happy that you left me and @chuckyfucky in the dark and instead went on your own I still salute you and wish you Godspeed!

Your outlook looks awesome and if we can make it better we will, I already set up a contest for intro music so that the beginnings are more smooth and some more contests coming up!


left you and @chuckyfucky in the dark? This was everything we promised bitshares, beyondbitcoin, steemit, you and everybody else...

What was going to happen...

let me remind you of my #announcement from 7 months ago...

Revolution of the Industry PART 1

Revolution of the Industry PART 2

Revolution of the Industry Part 3

7 months ago - The announcement.PNG

Nobody was left in any darkness..

We putting in the work at a faster pace then usual... get a move on with the intro music, times a ticking...

7 months to prepare... took us close to a month, to put it all together


Sorry @mrwang but I think you don't know what I'm talking about...

Your work is incredible ! Come to Berlin for a meetup... UPVOTE @bycompoundfilms

This information is much appreciated . Thanks for taking the time out to do this

El mundo de las Criptomonedas sigue y sigue tomando fuerza y que mejor que estas creaciones que señalas en tu post para que las personas tomen mas interés por ellas. Gracias

Road maps are very interesting. I like how they set clear defined goals on specific dates.

Thanks for the info...please follow and upvote my blog

Hi bycompoundfilms, that was great thank you

Enhorabuena, lo mejor está por venir, espero que el éxito de su canal siga creciendo.

Congrats on your great success, It's all about your hard work and strategies... Keep continue interesting posts :)
It's my 4th day on steemit please help me to grow here i am traveling Queen.

Que buena información. felicidades por tu crecimiento en esta plataforma.