Is BCH on the move to take over?

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The Bitcoin blockchain is currently bloated as all hell.

There are tons of unconfirmed transactions in the mempool, and only the highest fee transactions are being scooped up by miners. Bloat of this magnitude has only happened a few times before in 2017. On top of that, lots of folks seem to be taking their money elsewhere. Where, you ask. Well, to Bitcoin Cash.

"Bitcoin Jesus" (aka Roger Ver) favors Bitcoin Cash and it seems he's onto something. It currently stands at $1,140.00 dollars at the time of writing, and climbing. This morning my wife showed me that the trade volume was actually higher than that of Bitcoin.

I literally just right now got an instant message from an anarchist friend that read:

" I think the cashening is happening!"

Damn. I think it's time I moved some more funds over that way as well. A lot of folks have mocked Ver and the BCH people, but to me, I don't see what there is to make fun of. Satoshi Nakamoto himself was never against enlarging block size limits. At 8 MB per block, Bitcoin Cash is having no problems with its transactions, and its biggest cheerleader is an anti-government Voluntaryist who got me into the original Bitcoin in the first place.

Alright, enough said. Sign me up. Now how the hell do I trade some BTC for some BCH in the midst of this bloat fest?



Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as Facebook and Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)

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This is just an indication that the BCH has a strong team behind.
Printing money without cover is the same with Bitcoin and other currencies.If big players decide to tax Bitcoin, or to abolish it, then it will happen. It's just about exchanging paper money for software money. At the moment when full paper money is replaced, Bitcoin's value will stagnate, etc.
The revolution is a blockchain technology that brings us speed and storage of information. Now Bill Gates and Richard Branson have the main mines, it's the same thing again, decentralized centralization. For everyone to use crypts, there must be a story about anarchy, people, etc.
At one point, all data and currency users will have to work under the new laws. Then these same shadow rulers will have complete control over people. If there is no paper money, then you can not hide transactions, they can do what they want with you. As it says in the Bible, if they do not receive the mark of the beast, they will not be able to buy food.
My strategy is simple, I invest in crypts, I make money and buy land, real estate and tangible value. Great post, you inspired the best of me @ kafkanarchy84


Except it's very hard for the tax officers to get the 'fair' taxes of BTC holders.
So governments will try to ban crypto since they can't control it.


It has over 90% of black money, money is being washed out with bitcoin and other currencies. That's why it takes more people to believe in decentralization and national victory. It's simple, if I want to control the bills, the law is passed and all crypts with technical details are harmonized. Now is not the time for it, there are about 50 million users, it's very little still.


I definitely agree that the elimination of cash will result in massive state surveillance. I do not think, as some others do, that Bitcoin is a kind of revolution against the powers that be in and of itself. It is, however, superior to fiat currency in that it cannot be printed endlessly, making it a more sound store of value. As for the privacy aspect, coins like Monero and Bytecoin are entirely different from the openly readable ledger system of Bitcoin, etc.

So far, crypto has helped me to help others with no middle man or state in between. I like this. You are right, though, the state will co-opt and crack down. Like any technology, it can be used for good or ill. I like what you said about buying land and tangible wealth with your profits. This is the approach I am taking as well. Gold is always going to be gold, too, as far as we can see.

Thanks so much for the insightful comment.


Thanks a lot for amazing answer @kafkanarchy84 tip! 0.1

I think we should consider whether this coin has really enough power and community supporting it for the long term.

The development of a country depends upon several factors... Mainly the economy is the key ,which overpower upon all system.. In our country the concept of bitcoin cash is not familiar to all... A few knowledge I can gather only the help of you friend only... From my little concept, I want to give opinion about BCH, that it may be the world's best technology considering it's way of uses, it's fasted moving quality from world's one part to different part, and it's security... Wish the BCH can shine easily in the sky of economy.. I want to know more about bitcoin cash... Hope I will get to read more about such article further from all of you friend... Thanks for sharing such innovative article about blockchain... Resteemed..


Thanks so much. I'm still learning too.


You are most welcome friend!


You are most welcome friend!

nice post my friend, well i say yes that dead fork won't put good effect on bitcoin and many peoples holding bitcoins due to the hope to get B2X coins but now that opportunity is also gone and the momentum is slowly getting back to other cryptos, i think it's great time to take profit from bitcoins and great to get some BCH as well because BCH is looking to be on the move, Stay happy my friend and have a fantastic weekend ahead.


I agree. It's probably a good idea to make use of some BTC, but not deplete all of it, and focus on some other promising cryptos. You stay happy too, buddy, and have a great weekend as well.

Hello friend. Been following you on twitter for a while, you post alot of good stuff and im just now starting to get involved with the community. I think BCH is going to go bananas.


Hey there, @joevertigo. Thanks! Great to see you here.

You got trapped. Please look at this: and notice the date!


I will pull the data and post it here:

"Traders, certain information has come to my attention that is causing me grave concerns and i feel it is my duty to warn each and every one of you.

We all know the scaling drama has caused a huge rift, resulting in bitcoin forking into the soon to be "Bitcoin Cash".

I know many have large holdings and savings in bitcoin, and are 'hodlers' and will never sell, so when the selling starts, you may lose everything if you don't also sell.

Gentlemen, this is certaintly not going to be gentlemen.

Certain information has come to light from back room channels, sources i cannot disclose ~ even writing this post will probably reveal my source - but i feel by gods will, I must warn you all.

Selling is coming. Selling the likes of which hasn't been seen since MtGox era.
Already as i type this, battleships of bitcoin are being shorted on all major exchanges.

Gentlemen, The enemy, the big blockers, have colluded and joined forces. The chinese, Jihan & co have put together a plan to replace bitcoin with bitcoin cash.

The plan goes like this:
Chinese miners (f2pool, antpool etc etc) have organised with major exchanges (via/huobi/okcoin etc) to support and launch bitcoin cash.
Initially they will let everyone who wants to sell, sell.
Once the coin has bottomed out, and everyone who wanted to sell has sold, they [chinese miners/jihad/chinese exchanges] will begin accumulating lots and lots of bitcoin cash.
They will then begin to pump the price to around 0.1 BCC/BTC - 10%
The big pools won't mine it ~ they will let the smaller pools see the returns from mining this expensive, but low difficulty coin and start mining it.
Later, the larger pools will join, and as we know, jihad has ALOT of hashing power, their plan is for bitcoin cash to have more hashing power than bitcoin ~ and lets be honest, once t he chinese move over, that is pretty much it.
Around this time, the 'hard fork' section of segwit 2x is not going to happen ~ it never was - Bitcoin cash will then be seen as the original NYA coin..
At that point in time, Bitcoin cash will be on all major chinese exchanges, possibly some western exchanges aswell, and have majority hashing power. Western companies & other merchant providers (BitPay - @Spair) etc - paid off by bitmain etc will go along with the new bitcoin cash narrative and will push for the 'bitcoin cash' to be called 'bitcoin' on all their platforms, leaving only coinbase et all which will then be the odd ones out..

Now comes the scary part, The old bitcoin, the bitcoin we know and love, is going to get DESTROYED.
What determines a coins success ? It's market cap.
Big old school blockers and miners are going to dump bitcoin back to the bottom, they will take literally billions and billions of dollars out of bitcoin. They will use the money to fund the marketing, and development, or 'bitcoin cash' - Think, Bitcoin core - FIRED. Think - forbes article, "why bitcoin miners and companies are moving to bitcoin cash" - think - "Why the market is chosing bitcoin cash as bitcoin not bitcoin core" - They wil lsay the market has spoken, that people have voted with their money.

Right now, massive huge shorts are being built, already on finex, shorts are at 32k - not seen since $200 these kinds of numbers of shorts, and its climbing, all the t ime, consistently, they have ALOT of coins to short.

The most painful kind of selling, is where it never bounces and if you remember MtGox from $1000 to $70, you'll remember what no bounces feels like ~ and I can tell you. This won't be any better.

Good luck all, remember - fair warning."

Pretty interesting post

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really helpfull & learning blog thx for share👌👌re-steem

Helpful for traders so much thanks

informative. lot of things need to learn & i am also afraid with this cryptocurreny world.
resteemed & upvoted.

I have heard that it's secure and BCH has 8 MB block limits and transactions could be done without any problem but due to high price people are withdrawing and shifting to the other cryptos..
Anyway, I want to thankyou so much for resteeming my post.. God Bless..and have a nice weekend ..

In my humble opinion this is just a game. Whales > pump BHC > distract from bitcoin > we buy BHC > they grab BTC > rinse and repeat.
Daily thing, every whale knows what I'm talking about. Can't bullshit the bullshitter lol. But hey, I'm all for a quick pump anyways, dangerous but fun.

I don't think long term you can even compare BCH to BTC but it will certainly will have it's place in the blockchain!

If I had a BTC for every time I hear "there is a strong team behind the coin", I'd have .129203928 BTC

wow thanks for information on steemit

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